This series was created for people related to the medical community to have a voice about certain topics that influence our lives.
As stated here, the following are at the core of the series:

- encourage others 
- learn from others experiences  
- inform people  
- be honest 

You're encouraged to join the conversations, comment, and share. This forum would be pretty darn boring if it were just me rambling on :)
If you have written or would like to write a post that you think would be perfect for this, please share it!

Post # 1:
Residency Q & A: 6 Months Down

Post # 2:
The Biggest Misconceptions

Post # 3:
Can a "Doctor's Wife" have a career?

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  1. Fabulous posts! My husband is finishing fellowship this year and life gets so much better I promise. I'm excited to follow your journey! We are actually headed back to your state after 6 years for his first job so we are really excited :)


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