It was back in February.
I know, I'm behind here.
As in, 5 months behind.
But I'm catching

But before I do, let me just say that blogging over the past six months has seemed to overwhelming with everything else on my plate. Loving on Samuel, taking time out for our marriage and running a business have pretty much consumed my life in the best way possible. AKA, blogging hasn't been one bit a priority.
However, part of the reason I have this darn thing in the first place is so that I can have a running record of so many events in our life. I want to read through it and remember the good, bad and ugly and beautiful times. Thus, my attempt to blog..again :)

So, let's start with some fun adventures that we took Samuel on this past winter.
In February, my mom (aka Grandma Juju), Sam and I took a trip to NYC to visit my sister. It was Sam's first time on a plane, and I was a bit nervous. THANK GOD FOR GRANDMAS!!

Little man did excellent! He ate upon take-off and slept the entire trip there...even through the crazy taxi ride to the hotel.

We ate incredible food, played some mad games of scrabble (where we discovered my mother's a professional scrabbler player thanks to "words with friends"), wandered all throughout town and watched some chick flicks.
It rained/snowed the majority of the time we were there, but Sam was so cuddled up and happy to see Aunt Jessi that he just rolled right along with us :)

Hard to believe this was 5 months ago! 

The way home was a bit rough. Upon loading onto our plane, they canceled our non-stop, 1 hour flight home. That turned into 8 more hours in the airport, a flight to Chicago, then another flight to Lansing (we left from Detroit!) and arriving home at 2 am. Less than ideal.
I think Sam handled it better than me! What a trooper this little one is.
This picture was taken at 11 pm at night, in line to get on our second plane to get back to Michigan. Far too much to see in an airport to sleep.

I suppose it wouldn't be an adventure without something going haywire. Welcome to the world of traveling, Sam!

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