This winter, my friend, Erin, and I trained together for a 25K. We ran it in March, through a lot of rain and mud...but we did it none the less.

Although I had maintained running in general, I realized I hadn't done a race in almost two years! It was high time. I needed a goal. Somehow my over-enthusiasm about running rubbed off on Erin, and before you know it - we were signed up. Training was fun and relatively easy. We tried to do most of the longer runs together throughout trails and neighborhoods around Ann Arbor. Sam also joined the party during the weekday runs. We often joked that between the three of us, one was always crying ( <-- true story)

Come race time, we made a fun weekend of it in Grand Rapids with the hubbies. My family also came, and we all had a slumber party at my in-laws.

Come the morning of the race, it was raining cats and dogs.
You are correct in what you are seeing below, that's us...standing in trash bags. It's a decent trick if it's raining when you begin a race. It keeps you dry (and warm-er) and you can easily throw it off once you get going. We ended up taking them off within the first half mile because it's quite difficult to run in a trash bag...but it helped for the first half hour while waiting at the start line.

I'll probably get in trouble from the west siders for saying this (this race is serious business over there), but the race was built up to something it just wasn't. To be fair, if the weather was nicer I'm sure the race would had been much more fun. 
There wasn't a ton of people out cheering the runners on, and the mood was pretty solumn overall.
I was also disappointed that the course is 80% a trail along the river (which you can't really see) and not really through the city.  BUT, I'm still glad we did it and let's be honest, I'd probably do it again.

But the actual race...
By mile 13, I was mentally done. I was bored, and drenched...and bored. For some reason, I was thinking that 25K was 15 miles, not 15.5. Well, for any runners out there - you may know and sympathize where this story is going.
I hauled butt from mile 13 to 15! I gave it everything I had left because I was just over it and ready to be finished. Then I see the sign for Mile 15, and no finish line. I quickly do the math in my head and realize I had another half mile. Oh, what a horrible half mile that was.

I knew where our families were, so I tried to muster up as much energy to at least pass them and wave (and use the encouragement to motivate me through the last hill.) Kyle told me I looked really strong at the finish, but I'm not sure how that is possible because inside I was DONE.

15.5 miles in the rain- Check.

We enjoyed a great lunch, naps, ice cream and a movie date that evening. Totally worth the extra scope of delicious chocolate fro yo.

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