We are jumping back, FAR back, to March. Apologizes for the time lapse and reversal, but we will catch up to the present [eventually].

We took our first family vacation this past March and headed west to Colorado. My sis-in-law lives there (I visited last year when I was just 7 weeks pregnant), so we went to spend time with her and explore the outdoors. With a six month old baby.

This was a significant time for us. It was the first time longer than two days that we've gotten to spend together, just the three of us, since the first week of Sam's life. Kyle had some really rough rotations the months after Samuel arrived, and it proved to be a strenuous time for all of us. This was a MUCH needed time away, and we loved every second of it.

We hiked all over, explored the city, went wild at REI (Okay, the Denver store is amazingballs! We spent more time there then we should admit), went fly fishing, ate some great food, shopped and just relaxed.
I love everything about Colorado. And I think I got Kyle hooked too :)

We ventured to Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked the mountains for miles. It was so much fun...and apparently a great workout for Kyle, who later admitted that he almost died from carrying sam the man the entire time.

Sam loves his Auntie Kelly!

Kyle, Sam and I ventured on a little hike the first day, and just soaked in just being able to be OUTSIDE and not FREEZE TO DEATH. The sunshine alone was so rejuvinating. Sam didn't know what to do with himself with all that fresh air.

(super awkward family photo, but it was the only one we had with this backdrop, so bare with me)

Kyle's birthday present was to go fly fishing. If he had it his way, we would have gone every.single.day, but us girls shot down that idea right away. We paid for 4 hours with a guide, but he and the guide became immediate besties while talking about fishing and just decided to fish the rest of the day together. Pretty standard for the hubs.

He was on cloud 9.

Meanwhile, Sam and I hung out on the riverbank.

Somehow I got suckered into going fly fishing again...something about "I'll just bring my stuff just in case.." ;) (That's the net sticking out of his backpack)

This trail was so beautiful. We passed tons of runners and cyclists that it made me wish I could run a road like this everyday.

Until next year, Beautiful Colorado!

(Did you catch that, aunt kelly?! Because we are totally coming back!)

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