Last time I was in the Bahamas, I was 14 weeks pregnant and thought I was HUGE. Ha.

This time, I brought with me our (then) 6 month old son. Hard to believe how quickly the time has flown by.
This was my first time flying with Sam alone, and I was a tad nervous. Thankfully, people were gracious and helpful, the airline staff was great and we had smooth sailing the whole way there and back. I ended up in rows by myself for extra space, and strangers helped to keep Sam occupied with silly faces, songs and noises. He ate it right up.
(But, now that Samuel is mobile, I'm not convinced it will be as easy to have him on a plane!)

Sadly, Kyle had to work (a few weeks prior we used his vacation to head to Colorado), so Sam and I met his family in Nassau for the week.

I couldn't wait to get Sam in the pool. Knowing how much he loves bath time, I was pretty sure he would love the pool...once he got used to it at least.

Dipping his feet in the sand and ocean for the first time

It's SO.MUCH.FUN introducing Sam to new things. The ocean, pool, trees, flowers, climate, birds, accents..everything. You can just see the wheels turning and it's amazing. 

Daily walks on the beach helped get little man to take his naps :)

Trying out his new bodysuit:

...and writing this post 4 months later. Sam looks SO small! I can't believe he was that little. Someone stop time.

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