Side Note: Can I still call it a  "weekly" letter if it has turned into more of a "once-every-few-months"
Either way, here we go..

Dear NYC,

You were great. We loved visiting Aunt Jessica! Sam loved seeing all of the people, strolling around through a snow storm and getting lots of "ooos" and  "ahhs" from strangers. Hard to believe that I once thought I'd live amongst your concrete jungle. Clearly, the "smaller" town life has rubbed off on me. Far to many people, far to few trees and one to many somewhat sketchy man who liked to follow too closely. However, your food- delicious.

(I didn't bring my camera since this was my first time packing for a baby...and well, enough said. At least we were able to get a few photos. Sadly, I didn't take a picture of our very intense games of scrabble during the snow storm. I am still standing my ground that "ow" is not a word, I don't care what "words with friends" says.)

Dear American Airlines,

You, not so great. I'll be on the phone with you later collecting my many reimbursements from your cancelled flights, reroutes and landing us in a city in which we didn't even depart from. That will be an additional $20 in parking fees, thank you. Can I tack on extra for making us do this with 5 month old baby?!! We spent almost as much time in the airports than we did in the city. So much for a 1.5 hour, nonstop flight.

Other than that, Sam enjoyed his first time on a plane! He only stayed awake for one leg of it.

Dear deserted blog,

As with any other time that I go a while without writing on your pages, I miss you. Now that I'm beginning to get my head above water and feel somewhat "normal" after transitioning jobs and becoming a mother, I'll visit you more often. Pinky swear.

Dear Spring,


Dear Winter,

I may have been raised in Michigan, but these arctic temperatures are not for me. -24 degrees, really?! That's just mean. Go away. You aren't welcome here anymore.

Dear Nestle,

Thanks for making delicious hot chocolate that helps comfort us on the days that we are stuck inside.

Dear Amazon Prime,

I'm so embarrassed I haven't used you sooner. I like you, a lot.

Dear Running Shoes,

I'm putting you on again as often as possible. I've missed you so. We have a few races coming up this Spring, and we have lots of training to do before then. I already told Winter to kick the bucket, so here's to hoping that you and the running stroller will also get some work in once we are above 0 degrees.

Dear Bahamas,

I'm coming for you.  Last time we visited you, Sam was in my belly! Now, little man and myself are fully packed and ready for SUNSHINE. Sam isn't going to know what to do with the weather you will give us. I can't wait to get his little feet in the sand and ocean. I hope he doesn't cry when we have to go home...well, let's be honest, I hope I don't cry.

Dear Denver,

You're next!

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