Samuel is 10 weeks, and there has been so much that has happened since he was born, it seems like 10 years and the blink of an eye all at the same time.
We've had endless amounts of visitors, loaded up the car and road tripped multiple times, wandered around Target more times than I would like to admit, walked just about every trail in Ann Arbor and have sung Baby Beluga so many times that I don't remember adult music.

For only 10 weeks old, this little man has had quite the experiences. So have his mom and dad.

Here's my brain dump as I think about how much life has changed:

- Humility. Just when I think "oh, I got this," Sam throws me a curve ball. It never.fails.
- Singing Skills. I have Sam convinced that I'm a ridciulously good singer. I knew I loved this kid.
- It's amazing how often descriptions of your child's life resemble that of an animal. Poop, feed, sleep, poop, feed, sleep.
- "It's the simple things in life," has taken on a whole new meaning. Never did a small smile mean so darn much. My heart just explodes at the "oooosss" and "goo goos." Rolling over calls for loud cheers and grabbing my shirt makes me turn into a puddle of mush.
- Little man is growing at the speed of light. Packing away so many of his newborn clothes felt like I was already sending him off to college. Gulp.
- I now understand why so many mothers end up having short hair. Those little hands can do some damage.
- I'm the queen of over-committing. I take on too many projects and things all.the.time. It's some sort of disease, I swear. Then came along a small human. And I realized I can't do it all. Not even close.  I am *slowly* accepting that I do what I can, and that's enough.
- Who knew something so small would completely overall your life in the best way possible (sans the outrageous amount of dirty diapers)
- Mommy guilt is real.
- I've realized there is zero point to purchasing new clothing anytime between birth to (well..who knows when this body will get back to 'normal'). At this point, everything just shifts and changes daily. For a girl who hated leggings, I now live in them.
- I'm on a mission to figure out a way to get more pictures with my son. As much as I dislike selfies, I may need to resort to them.
- I now get extremely annoyed at bad drivers. I'm so close to getting a "baby on board" sticker plastered across my bumper. But I think the next step after that is a mini-van with capri-suns and orange slices, and I'm not emotionally there yet.
- The things that mean the most in life take the most effort. I've found this to be incredibly true with prioritizing your marriage while having a newborn.
- What not to do after you have a child: try to do everything. (lesson.learned.)
- What to do after having a child: accept people's help. Humbling and thankfully, without feeling guilty or as if you are failing.
- Those eyes. That is all.
- I forgot what it feels like to have empty hands. If I go to the store without Sam, I have at least three moments of "oh my gosh! where did I leave him?!"
- Breastfeeding is amazing...and yet makes me feel like a cow at the same time. The breast pump is the most horrifying machine known to man. I think the sound alone will haunt me for years to come.
- I find myself saying "use your words!!" way too often, with no understandable response.
- Seeing my boys together is hands-down the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. There's nothing like seeing your husband love your son. Puddle of mush I tell you, just a big puddle of mush.
- I had no idea the world I was entering when I became a mom...the momdom world (as I like to refer to it) is full of strong opinions and a little bit of crazies.
- Transitioning to a family of three (ahem, 4 if you ask Maizy), has been (and will continue to be )a huge adjustment. Yet at the same time, I don't remember life without the little one.
- When I place him in his crib and walk away, I'm always reminded that I won't always be able to protect him. Although I hope not to become one, I get the whole helicopter mom deal.
- My reliance on the Lord has multipled 1000x over.
- This is the most difficult job I've ever had (and I'd venture to say we haven't hit the hardest part yet)
- What did we ever do to receive this gift? Babies are miracles and mysteries.
- Everyday it feels like I'm opening a new gift. He changes so quickly.
- Time, grace, prayer, freedom to cry and ability to laugh (a lot) may just be the most necessary components to the emotions and reality of becoming a mom. Oh, and naps.

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