The past six weeks have been nothing short of incredible, even through the lack of sleep.
Just when I feel like I can't bounce him one more second or hold him without my arms falling off, little man looks up at me with his big blue eyes and every bit of me melts into one million little pieces. This sweet little soul has completely captured our hearts.

Parents always tell you that you don't understand a love like this until you hold your child. "Just wait," they'd say, with a smile that reveals they know something that you don't.
They're right.

Kyle and I have about one thousand pictures taking up residence on our phones, with each little thing he does. His baby book has been sitting on our dining room table, each small milestone being recorded so that we won't forget as the days quickly speed past. The first time he rolled over, smiled or his cry changed into this high-pitch scream. The days seem to be flying by.

This little one looks so different than the day we met. His cheeks have filled out to look like a little chipmunk, his lips beginning to mimic his dads, his dark blue eyes wider, his hair blonder, and his fingers, much, much chubbier.  
From his facial features to expressions, this life is sprouting before our very eyes. 

There's so much to share. Yet, as rice lands on my baby's head as I try to eat, his cheek pressed against my chest, cuddled up in his wrap and breathing hard from a deep sleep, my hair thrown back in a headband and shoulder covered in a bit of spit up...I'm just going to leave it here. In this moment of real life, it's not exactly glamorous, but goodness, is it beautiful.

PS. I'll be back with some non- iPhone pics of our boy...but for now, thanks for understanding the iPhone explosion. 

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