Dear August,

This week last year, I was gallivanting around Ireland on one of the best trips of a lifetime! I spent my birthday on a yacht off of the coast of Barcelona and sipped incredible wine with tapas.  Last year, you led us into a gorgeous Fall of football season and five friends having babies within one month. This year, we celebrated my birthday in a beachtown in Michigan, and we are anticipating our life to be changed completely in a few short weeks. Wow, how just one year changes is flying by far too quickly.

Dear Husband,

Every night, you rub my feet so that I can fall asleep, and you don't complain when I get out of bed fives time throughout the night to use the bathroom. Thanks for serving me and baby well, I know it can't be too enjoyable to watch your baby momma run into things, spill things constantly and not use proper English due to pregnancy brain. (Well, I take that do find a lot of this quite humorous.)

Dear Nail Salon,

I think you are figuring out that I only go to you to get a body and foot massage while sitting in the massage chair for a pedicure. Thank you for letting me tip you five extra dollars for 2 extra minutes of foot massaging. Pretty toes are just a bonus at this point. I'm not ashamed.

Dear Baby Showers,

Although I still feel awkward about the whole idea of people throwing showers for us, I must say this summer has been full of feeling incredibly loved and encouraged through your tradition. We were able to see so many friends and family members, it was like Christmas in June, July and August!

Dear Watermelon,

You're still my favorite. I'll never leave you.
For ever and ever and ever,

Love, Meredith

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