Never have I been so convinced that driving two hours on a weekend for a little getaway is a GREAT idea. In my mind, I think of vacations and picture getting on a plane and flying to somewhere  new and exotic. All of our dreams of going on one of those vacations for a baby moon went up in smoke when we looked at our vacation schedules, and when we would be able to go- it would have been well into my third trimester. Sadly, only one of us would have been allowed on the plane. (...and it probably wouldn't have been the safest decision either)

But, we still wanted to do something. So, a few weekends ago we celebrated my birthday and our baby and headed to the west side of Michigan. If you've never visited any of the towns that line Lake Michigan, you should put it on your agenda for next summer- there's little that beats them. We booked a hotel room on the water, loaded up the boat, Maizy and a hospital bag (just in case) and had ourselves a little baby moon.

We didn't do anything crazy, and that's what made it perfect. We ate a lot of ice cream, cruised around on the water, went fishing, took Maizy on some walks through running trails, had fun looking at all of the beautiful homes along the lake, explored little shops and and spoiled ourselves with some delicious food. No agenda, except to relax and spend time together.

And that's just what we did.

Here's the obligatory picture the growing bump. 35 weeks and plenty large. (I still get taken back looking at this picture, holy moly that's a bump!)

We came back home feeling ridiculously rested up. Just what we both needed. I can hardly wait for our next little getaway! Hard to believe the next time there will be a wee one in tow.


  1. Glad you were able to get away for a little R&R before the big day! :)

  2. So glad you had a chance to do this! I felt a little lame when we did our "babymoon" because I too had this exotic locale expectation, and we ended up in Columbus, Ohio for all of 24 hours. But it's such a great idea to spend that time together and do something special - and Grand Haven really is a super great place.

  3. You look awesome! And that trip looked fabulous! I love low-key getaways like that :)


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