Dear Belly,
You are making life really difficult lately. Moving from the couch to a standing position requires a "grunt" like effort, and hugging has become slightly awkward. It's more like a belly bump. You also move a lot when I laugh, and end up getting food on you at least once a day. No thanks to my slightly clumsy self. All of that to say, I like you anyway. It's pretty neat having this life inside.
Now if we could only time the videotaping correctly to record how much you move when baby is antsy. I think he or she is having a ball in there!

Dear Discount Tire,
You're my new buddy. Not only did you fix the tire on our new car, you did it for free. This may be standard, but it made me feel special. I'll be back the next time I happen to run over some nails in a parking lot.

Dear Basement,
Your walls are up, electrical finished and the drywall almost installed. There may just be a chance that your ceiling and walls will be painted and looking marvelous by the time baby comes. You may be the longest lingering project in our home, but you'll be well worth the wait. Ping Pong tournaments, football games and baby toys linger in your future.

Dear Air Conditioning,
I've never been more thankful for you. Ever.  You have been really good to me this summer. I won't lie, I was expecting much worse from the Michigan summers. I've only had four days where my fingers have gotten the size of sausages and my ankles have mimicked cankles, and I'd say that's pretty good. We won't be separating anytime soon, you and I.

Dear Betty the BabyMobile,
We researched SUVs for months and months, and finally took the plunge. We still need an offical name for you, but in the mean time, calling you "Betty" is working. It may stick. The only issue is that because your seats are all black, Maizy is easily camouflaged but her paw prints are not. Our home also looks like a Ford dealership- we certainly are Michiganders. Welcome to the family, Betty.

Dear our generous family and friends,
We are still unwrapping and unpacking baby gifts. The UPS man comes at least three times a week and now, he likes to know what is in the boxes. I think it's a fun game for him to see what we've been given. To say we are overwhelmed by your generosity is an understatement. This little family has been spoiled beyond belief and there are no adequate words or a way to properly thank everyone. Baby VK is one blessed baby.

Dear unnamed vessel,
You've provided us with endless hours on the water, and it's been wonderful. However, we still need to get you a ladder, proven by my face and belly plant into the water, followed by using your motor as a stair to get myself back into the boat (thankfully I didn't break it!). I love you little boat, but you were not designed to accommodate a preggers. Cheers to many more graceless moments.


  1. this is a neat idea! love your weekly letter. seems like you have a lot to be thankful for. new GFC follower :) my blog:

  2. A babymobile... things must be getting real! Have you installed the car seat yet? I drove around with mine for a couple of weeks "just in case" and it was so weird to get used to seeing that thing back there.

    1. Things are getting so real over here :)! I haven't installed the baby seat yet, it's on the to-do list.


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