In celebration of finishing the most difficult year of residency- Kyle bought a boat.
Yes, his very own fishing boat. His new baby. His pride and joy.

Let's back up a bit though, as it sounds as if he went out and made a ridiculous purchase. Well, I suppose "ridiculous" could be a word to describe it, but it certainly wasn't a rash decision. He's been whining  talking about having a boat for the past six years. Yes, SIX. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, just a regular ole' fishing boat that he can go out on the water with whenever his heart pleases. "It's for our family!" he'd say, with such excitement you could hardly help but laugh.

Over the past few months, I'm confident that his focus on a fishing boat is what kept him sane (and drove me nuts :). I'd hear  "oh, this is definitely the one.. how much can we spend again?!!," as he'd scroll through craigslist, a very clear indication that his eyes were bigger than our pocket book. I'd roll my eyes and respond with some very supportive comment.

Then, as I pulled into the driveway on Friday afternoon, I met eyes with the newest addition to the family (Name: yet to be determined, we are taking suggestions.) Post-call, he drove an hour to pick up the boat (of course, he couldn't wait to pick it up so he skipped sleeping- this comes as no surprise for anyone who has ever met my husband.) We had a lot to celebrate on Friday - officially closing on our home in Charlottesville, buying a fishing boat, and Kyle's last call shift of 2nd year!

Our maiden voyage was nothing short of spectacular and hilarious. Within twenty minutes of cruising around the lake, it started to rain. Rain, as in downpour. Downpour was then accompanied by some nice roars of thunder and plenty of lighting. We took our towels and covered our heads (with Maizy cuddled right in between us) and tried to wait it out. When it stopped after a few minutes, we came out from under our shelter and began to tinker around.

OH, but what a tease. Within five minutes, we were stuck in a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the lake. We ended up a tavern down the road, eating bar food and watching the soccer game as we dried off. Granted, it took a half hour to get off of the water due to some other boats having a bit too good of a time on Saturday afternoon, and forgetting how to properly drive a boat trailer (or load a boat, for that matter). At least we were entertained as we sat in the pouring rain, counting lighting strikes.

There wasn't a possibility that a little storm was going to ruin the day that my husband has been waiting for "forever!" We ended up on another lake that we often go to with friends and launched the boat there. Attempt #2 was a success! Sky clear, the sun shining.

I'll admit, it took me a while to come around to the idea of purchasing a boat. Just one more thing to take care of and store. However, I'll fully admit that my pessimistic attitude was wrong. I may not agree that it was the "best purchase ever!!," but I'm fully on-board that it was a pretty darn good decision for us. I'm glad I can be persuaded ... sometimes :)

Having something to do that we both will always enjoy, being able to take our child (ahem, children if you include Maizy) and knowing that many memories lie in our future of being on the water does hit a sentimental cord (and not just because just about everything seems sentimental these days due to hormones). While I put my feet up and enjoyed the sunset, Kyle caught fish, and Maizy played fetch into the lake. We excitedly talked about bringing our child fishing, teaching him or her to tube behind the little wake and the first fish they'll catch.

This little family has plenty of lovely days ahead on our currently unnamed vessel.

Oh, and this story would not be complete without our make-do anchor making an appearance. We couldn't find the one we wanted at the store the night before, so we decided to make our own for the voyage. Hey, we never claimed to be fancy.

Rest assured, we now have a proper anchor.

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  1. This is so great! How nice to have something to get him through the hard parts - we always try to plan a tropical vacation to get Peter though them, but the boat is even better because now you have it to look forward to every time there's some summer down time :) I bet you'll have tons of great memories from this - your first outing sounds like a good inauguration.


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