On our way to church today, Kyle and I had a discussion about our faith. Seems obvious, right? To talk about your faith on your way to a building which celebrates it.
However, we hadn't had a "check-in" in a while. Asking those tough questions- when "how are you?" hits much deeper roots than then answer that it typically renders. The conversation continued as we sat outside at our favorite sandwich cafe and munched on Sunday lunch. But two hours later it seemed to have a different tone. I'm all about those non sugar-coated sermons, just give it to me straight. Today was one of them, but delivered in package of incredible grace, honesty and truth (truth that may, for many people- and truthfully, including us- may sting a bit.) I realize that I'm being a big vague, but all of this was to say that we ended the service with this song, and I haven't been able to escape the lyrics all day.
Nor do I want to.
It's the gospel laid out in this brilliant way that draws you directly to the heart of the Father.

If you've never heard this song, just sit back and listen for a few minutes. I won't get all deep on you, but just listen to the lyrics. They may just hit home.

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