It seems as if the last time I've written a "life post," if you will, we've gone from snow on the ground to a hearty 80 degrees outside. My body looked very different, and one of our of bedrooms was not full of furniture suitable for a little baby. Our "finishing the basement project" was just getting underway, and our maple trees showed every sign of a harsh winter. Heck, our living room even looked different!

Alas - a lot has changed in the past few months!
(including some lovely swollen ankles)

Although I'll attempt to circle back to all of those things in the next few weeks as I reenter this lovely blogging world, this post is mostly for selfish needs, a good reminder of sorts. I want to look back in a few years and not think that I was hiding under the covers for the past few months. (Although, that somewhat seems accurate if we are talking about those winter months) Not only do I want to deny the accusations of becoming a hermit, for my own sake, I need to remember what the Lord has taught me through these months.

This cycle of events seems to be the theme of our lives right now: super busy with plenty to be thankful for. It's like I'm a broken record, replaying the same song over, and over again. We are just those people with a lot going on. One day, I hope that changes. Right now, I hate it and love it at the same time. It leaves me wondering if the hustle and bustle is what I need to learn how to be thankful...over and over and over again. It's all too easy to spend time on what you are convinced is urgent, rather than what you know is important. This busy body has a problem dedicating time to the former, disguised in the names of deadlines and commitments. So what on earth does this have to do with learning to be thankful? Stick with me.

Here's what has had me pondering this continual cycle of busy, busy, stop, breathe, busy busy, stop, breath:

The last two months have been...interesting. Along with the little life growing inside of me, we've endured one heck of a bad schedule. In the last post you may have read my few sentence rant so I will spare you the details. Bottom line- it's been challenging. Our schedules haven't coincided, we're trying to do 1000 things at once and connect while passing one another out the door or at 5 am for the 10 minutes we are able to get together each week. It's not exactly how I would categorize a super fun, enjoyable time.

We've both been in survival mode.
But in some strange way, I find myself being thankful for it. Humbled by it.

It's showed us that it's not the kind of life we want to live.
It has strengthened our faith.
It's humbled us as our family and friends have taken great care in loving us to no end, even when we have been unable to immediately return the favor.
It has reiterated that serving one another when it's utterly inconvenient matters greatly.
It has reminded us that we have to make time to have fun together.
It's drawn the difference between effort that is futile and effort that is eternal.

It has taught me to give thanks for every.single.moment.

This season of busyness, it seems, has turned from being a culprit to a mechanism of growth. God truly makes from all things.

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