I'll admit it: I have left my photography blog high and dry this year. But it's been for good reason- it's getting a major facelift (along with my website too!) I haven't abandoned my little biz, although it may appear so if you look at the last dates of entry. Just do me a favor and don't look at the dates ;)

Spring is always a busy time with family portraits and preparing for summer, which is wonderful! What family doesn't want pictures in gorgeous weather, gorgeous light and fresh blooms all around?! Especially here in Michigan where everyone is dying to be outside after a harsh winter. Although I haven't been updating the blog with every session lately, here are just a few of Noelle Sophia's 6 month session (aka, her discovery of the great outdoors!)

I know, I know. THOSE CHEEKS!! THE BOW!!
(and the apparent dislike of grass!)

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