The other day I pulled a muscle in my butt. It's true.
Now, this has been going on for quite some time. When it was still snowy and icy outside, I had the brilliant idea to run 6 miles because it was just one of those days when running was the solution to de-stress. That fateful day is when this problem all began. Continually trying to balance on icy trails while your hips are beginning to change from carrying a child is apparently a recipe for a pain in the rear!! Quite literally.

Lately, it's been flaring up a bit and today, I almost fell over from the nerve pain. Of course, I run to Google in an attempt to find some solutions and stretches. First, I Google "pain in my butt." Never did it occur to me that that may not mean an actual pain in my buttocks nerves and muscles. Not once.

After realizing this could get awkward, I then proceed to tell my coworker that the pain is decapitating. Yes, the pain has somehow taken my entire head off.
Again, not until about three minutes later did I realize that debilitating was actually the vocabulary word I was looking for.

Then, there's the interaction with the cable guy. He may have attributed it to a blonde moment, but I reassured him that you really do loose some of your intelligence when carrying a child. He wasn't buying it.

The email that I sent at work that made close to zero sense. Thankfully, it happen to be to fathers of very small children who have first-handily seen this phenomena.

A dream I had about delivering our baby in an African mud hut, complete with mothers waiting to breast feed my newborn child...and talking mice.

The time that I dropped coffee across both computers at work. Then, the very next day, spilled an entire cup of juice on Maizy in the morning, followed by a full mug of coffee at work. On my silk blouse and blue jeans. Of course, I had explain why I looked like I peed myself for the next four hours. (Let alone walk around in a white, damp blouse).
I rescheduled a meeting or two to avoid the embarrassment.

I think 'hot mess' would be the phrase that comes to mind. Not in a complimentary way, in a 'someone help that woman!' way.

I could go on and on...and I'm only half way done cooking this baby up.

Rest assured, I'm fully equipped with the excuse (aka truth) that anytime I say or do anything remotely ridiculous over the next 20 weeks, it's because the baby is taking all of my brain capacity.
Now, back to my butt stretches.


  1. Oh you poor thing! haha! I've been having crazy dreams too, but I think the African mud hut birth takes the cake ;)

  2. I remember those clumsy pregnancy days! Have fun:-)


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