Last week, I worked from a hotel lobby in the middle of the bustling streets of Chicago. I sipped on tea, set up shop in a comfortable chair with a great view for people-watching, and probably got more work done in a day than I do in the office in a week. (Change of scenery can do wonders for productivity!) But, the real reason I ended up in the city was for the hubs.

Hubby had a presentation at a conference in Chicago for some research that he has been working on, so to assure he arrived safely, I joined him in the windy city. (You may laugh, but sleep has been so limited over the past 8 weeks that I didn't trust he could make it safely on the four hour drive.)

I've been MIA in the blogging world lately, so I'll catch you up very briefly in an attempt to redeem myself.
The past few months have been rough.err..really rough. It's just the name of the game with the rotation that the hubs happens to be on (which is why we got away for a week before all of the chaos ensued.) We are pretty used to this flow, sometimes it's a lot easier than others (like most jobs, right?) We knew it was coming, it wasn't a surprise...but it has still felt like a continual punch to the gut. I'm very, very thankful that his 2nd year is almost over (only 6 more weeks!!!). I can literally see the light that is 3rd year. Praise God!

But, back to our little getaway:
When this conference fell (oh-so-conveniently) in the middle of the week, I figured it would be a great opportunity to spend time together...precious, precious time.
Although we were only away for two days and worked most of the time, just being able to be together, laugh, and relax was such a treat.

And eat!
As a celebration of successfully finishing his big presentation, Kyle only wanted a deep dish pizza and a beer. Admittedly, I've never had a deep-dish before last week. I could only get through one piece, but goodness, that was one.delicious.piece.
Our hotel also happened to be next to the new Eataly that just opened as well - a treat on many different levels! How do I get Mario to open one in Ann Arbor?!!

This little trip was just what we needed. Time to sing our favorite country songs at the top of our lungs while cruising down the highway, chat about nothing and everything, time to just be together. Those random weeknights or weekends that we may have gotten before have been stripped away in the name of surgery.
I can hardly contain my excitement thinking about getting back to a "normal" (our "normal") life this summer! Thanks for the little treat, Chitown!

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