Today, I get to celebrate four years of marriage with this goofball.

Today, I find myself proud of where we are. Where we've been, where we are headed and the joy and pains that brought us to this very day.
From a work schedule that warrants very little time to spend together, devastating losses and the perils and joys of pregnancy, the past twelve months have stretched us to learn to serve one another - better.
In short, to become more like Christ.

Certainly, it hasn't come without multiple stumbling blocks along the way, sure to be followed by countless, countless more. But if anything, this past year has reiterated the reality that Christ is absolute, He is unwavering and He is faithful. That we can't do this alone, that we don't want to. To that and for that, we are able to slowly let our selfish ways fade away. 
Every year of marriage I can say we've changed in various ways.
This year, we've become stronger. Our foundation, firm.
Why? Because more than ever, we've been forced to lay down our needs and wants for the other person. Time and time again. Let me tell you, sometimes - it's with gritting teeth.

Through those gritting teeth, there has been a growth of love and respect for the other person.

Last night, we both agreed this has been our favorite year yet. 
...and then admitted that the upcoming year will probably trump it. Yah know, babies typically do that.

September is quickly sneaking up on us - a growing baby bump reminding us daily that an entire new adventure and challenge awaits. Like two blind mice, we're entering parenthood together in just a few short months. We're both ecstatic, and let's be honest- completely freaked out! 
 Whatever the emotion, I've never felt more confident in our foundation as a couple. I have a feeling that this year was only the beginning of learning how to better care for one another. I hear babies are a lot of work ;)

Life just gets sweeter and sweeter with you, Happy Four Years!


  1. Happy Happy Anniversary! Many exciting times ahead for you both.

    Love, Ray Doc Wife

  2. So lovely to read this - happy anniversary! We always think every year is our favorite - and then baby makes it soooo different in some amazing ways and in some difficult ways, but still it will make for an amazing 5th year for you, especially because your relationship is already stronger for all you've been through together. Hope you get to have a fun celebration!

  3. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Easter:-)


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