I can hardly believe that May is already on the horizon! I'm not sure where this year has gone, but I am liking where it is headed- towards sunshine, fresh blooms and lots of warm weather!

Last weekend, Easter Weekend, was extra special for us, as we got an entire weekend to spend together. I can't tell you how much we looked forward to just having fun together before another few weeks of zero days off approached. (These next few months are going to be rouuggghh)

Sunday was an also a pretty exciting day for us - it was Kyle's birthday, 7 years since we started dating, AND we celebrated hitting the halfway point in our pregnancy... oh! and a few days late of celebrating our anniversary. All of which fell on Easter - the single greatest celebration of human history.

I love that all of our personal excitement seems so small when compared to Easter. How could anything compare to an empty cross and empty grave? Celebrating the resurrection of Christ on the same day as a culmination of so many things that have made my life so sweet - my husband, our pregnancy, our marriage- seems so appropriate. My heart felt like it was overflowing with gratitude for so many wonderful things. 

Kyle and I spent Saturday consuming very unhealthy food (I can't believe I had a hotdog, it was seriously delicious!) and sitting in the sunshine watching the Tigers beat the Angels. I forgot how fun baseball games can be - even if we got teased multiple times from the foul balls coming so close to our seats. Ever since we started on the basement, Kyle's been on this kick to frame out walls whenever he gets a spare moment - so guess what we did after the game? That's right, another date in the basement...framing away. It was his big weekend, so I agreed. Along with agreeing to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Kyle likes to tell his extended family that it's his favorite restaurant (specifically, it's just the rolls he loves), and we end up getting these gift cards at random occasions. Birthday boy choose to use one and boy was he happy with those cheddar biscuits. (Of ALL of the wonderful places in Ann Arbor to celebrate a birthday, only my husband would choose the Red Lobster. Gotta love him.)

We were able to enjoy the Easter service at church together, as well as some family time on Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining, there was a lot to celebrate, and no shortage of birthday cake to go around.

The weekend left me bursting at the seams with joy. Just so, so thankful for this life we've been given. It's beautiful.

(Oh, and Hannah is certainly a natural at running the bases. Batting, on the other hand, will need a little practice.)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to hit 20 weeks myself next wednesday. That's a big deal! And too funny about your hubs wanting to go to Red Lobster for his bday, but I gotta say those cheddar biscuits are pretty good ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your joy - made me smile! Sounds like a super great weekend.


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