I sound like a broken record, but boy am I glad that "Medical Monday's" is an entire week. I seem to be late to the party just about every month now.

Match day is officially over and plenty of medical-related individuals and families are planning to move across the state or country! It's such an exciting and yet, stressful, time. I hope that this blogging medical community can support you during your transitions! This blog hop is a great way to connect, so please join in!

Lately, I've been thinking about all of the conversations that my husband and I have that most people would find, hum... strange. Such as the discussions at the dinner table about a free flap or scrolling through pictures on his phone of people's ear's cut off or a jaw being removed. No one could accuse us of being boring, that's for sure.
I love reading about the ridiculous stories that begin with, "you know you are a doctor's wife when..."

Here's this week's contribution from our household:

"Hunny, I need to order a belly band for running."
"What is that?!"
"It holds my belly in place and supports my pelvic bones so I can keep running during pregnancy"
"Oh! Oh! We have those!"
"You have belly bands in the hospital?" (By the way, my husband works from the neck up, so why he would know about belly bands is beyond me...)
"Well, we use them for obese patients who have all kinds of stomach surgeries."
"Hum..that may be a different sort of belly band."
"You may look ridiculous, but it will certainly hold that baby belly in place."
"I'll see if you could use one."
"I just ordered one on Amazon."
" What?! I bet it won't be as supportive as the one I could have gotten for you. I'm counting the days until you ask for the band with the straps that go over your shoulders. "

Now, I am not sure whether to contribute his attempt at creativity to his Dutch roots of being cheap, or his current manic state caused from lack of sleep. Either way, he was dead set on making his pregnant wife wear a support band previously meant for obese patients suffering from hernias. I can't tell you if I am offended or flattered.
I also can't tell you if I'll regret not having a suspender system at 9 months.


  1. Oh my goodness, Meredith, that exchange is hilarious! I bet his option would be very supportive, but they might not make them small enough for you. I am also grateful MM lasts a whole week:-)

  2. I'm late to the party as well! Haven't linked up in months :( That is hilarious about the belly band though!!

  3. That is both hilarious and awesome.
    When I get pregnant (one day), I have said I want to keep running. I will need to get one of those… Or acquire one from my surgeon friends at the hospital. Your husband is resourceful. :)

  4. I can only imagine what my neurosurgeon husband would attempt to fit me with when pregnant lol-a halo maybe? So excited for you! We'll be moving to MI in 2 months and I am excited to finally meet you :)

  5. I am also very glad this thing is all week long... Was thinking of you when I wrote my post :) (And while I have been working on landscaping the past couple weeks!)

  6. Hope your belly band works for your running! I sort of tried one but never when I was big enough to actually need the support since by then I'd switched to just spinning classes thanks to pelvic ligament issues (oh, pregnancy hormones and all the issues you cause...). And the part about working from the neck up cracked me up - occasionally when I was pregnant people would ask if my husband was going to help deliver the baby or some such thing and my response was usually pretty much that. In fact he pretty much specifically wants to avoid anything in that region on ladies, ha.

  7. hey, I found this aptitude test to help med students choose a specialty. I thought it would be fun to share with everyone in MM. The spouses can take it and and see where they would fall if they chose medicine as well http://www.wifemd.com/2014/04/medical-specialty-aptitude-test.html


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