Last week, we completely unplugged. No phones. (Hardly) Any internet. No checking texts or email or facebook or blogs. Nada.
It was amazing.
I was hesitant to turn my phone on again once we returned to the US. But alas, we are home, reunited with Maizy and feeling completely refreshed as we head into a busy season.

I suppose you could refer to this as an unintentional babymoon of sorts. That big trip we had planned for June seems to be completely unreasonable as I realize more and more each week that pregnancy is a tad... difficult. All in good ways, but the difference is enough to not want to travel to a third world country anytime before baby arrives.

We met Kyle's family in the Bahamas for the week, soaking in a lot of family time, couple time and sunshine. Maybe too much sunshine at times.

Oh, and a lot of food. I'm unsure if my belly grew from food intake or baby growth. Either way, my entire midsection is expanding in all new ways. They say that happens around this time, but somehow it's still surprising every time I look in the mirror.

Anyway..back to food. On the plane ride over I had told Kyle that all I wanted was some fresh crab and I'm pleased to report that this girl was not  disappointed. We had a family dinner night out at Graycliff, one of the oldest mansion's in the Bahamas which also happens to have the the world's 3rd largest wine cellar. Although you may think that the wine cellar would be fancy, it's in the basement of the mansion, where you need to watch your feet and your head. There are open floor boards, uneven walls and spider webs lining the bottles. The wine bottles worth $200,000 are sitting in the open, covered in dust, along with thousands of other bottles stacked on wooden crates.

We had tons of fun attempting to snorkel (darn wind!), people watching while walking on the beach, playing intense games of shuffle board and ping-pong, lounging by the pool, racing down water slides, playing some mad blackjack at the casinos, enjoying freshly made smoothies and napping in the sunshine. There was also that one time Kyle went reef fishing, and the waves were just too high so they had to pull out early (it's a bit of a sore subject though ;)
We even made friends with a 6 year old in the water slide line that told us we were "for sure having a girl," and her name "must be Julianna." Adorable. The boys with her disagreed, "that's a boy in there."

GG, Kyle's grandmother, started coming to the Bahamas 30+ years ago. Amazing that she and her husband had purchased a timeshare when no grandchild were in sight. Now, a great grand-child was introduced to a place close to all of their hearts.

We couldn't have asked for a better vacation. We both felt like different people coming home, simply relaxed.
We joked that Kyle hadn't seen the sun since August, and well...that was actually a bit true. It was due time to get my pale husband our of the hospital and get him some color and fresh air.


  1. Looks like such a fun trip and you look wonderful! And good for you for unplugging. I always try my best to do that while on vacation!

  2. Ah, such a good thing to do - sunshine and reconnecting is exactly what we need on vacation weeks in residency. And always, really. So glad to hear you had a great trip!

  3. Congratulations on the babymoon! I love the baby bump:)

  4. Looks heavenly! You are the perfect picture of a pregnant woman glowing and gorgeous :)

  5. Haha you girls are so sweet! It was a much needed getaway :)


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