I had a work trip out to San Francisco (similar to last year), so of course, what a perfect opportunity to take advantage of NICE weather and stay a few extra days. In between some very long work days, I had about a day and a half to chill...so my travel buddy (and sis-in-law), Kelly, made the quick flight from Denver and we did some exploring outside of the busy city.

We took a road trip to Napa Valley, with no real agenda except to explore the market, stores, vineyards and take in some fresh air. I love me some wine, so it was a tad bit of a tease getting to only see the vineyards and not taste...but one day I'll return!

Oxbow was a great market to stop at! If we would have known the trip was so quick from San Fran to the Valley, we would have just eaten a large brunch at the market...but that didn't stop of from taste testing and getting some food to picnic with later.

Neither of us had been to Napa Valley before, so we weren't really sure what to expect. There are so many vineyards to stop at it's a bit overwhelming. Trial and Error - rent a bike and go as slow as possible, then you can enjoy seeing each of the unique establishments rather than continually stepping on the breaks ;/ There were a lot of U-Turns in a car.

From Napa, we headed to Sonoma, since we planned on taking Route 1 back to the city. I'd go back to Sonoma in a second- such a quaint, sweet little town with plenty to see and do...and drink. (for those of us who aren't preggers)

(And some useless information for your Monday enjoyment: Anyone watch the Bachelor? One of the previous bachelors, Ben, co-owns the Envolve Winery. Apparently the Kardashians are friends with him and they just finished filming some scenes of them visiting...)

We took the country roads to hook onto Route 1- just so we could dip our toes in the Pacific.

The countryside feels like your in an entirely new world! It would be hard not be out here every weekend if you lived in the bustling city. If you don't have a weak stomach, that is.

Unfortunately, I've had to learn the hard way that traveling while pregnant is an entirely new ball game. Flying is not so enjoyable, and nor are longer car rides. I've always had a good case of motion sickness from winding roads, but this was a whole new level of awful. Thankfully when we stopped, we got to enjoy the sunset at Stinson Beach.

You can now name me the worst travel buddy of all time, because the rest of Roue 1 consisted of me with my head out of the window praying to get teletransported to the hotel. We made it, but I spent the rest of the night in bed. In my defense, please look at this road and tell me that it doesn't make make your head spin with how many turns and switchbacks there are..all on a cliff. It does have the views going for it though...

The next day, we waited in a long line in the Mission to try a restaurant that a co-worker always raves about, Foreign Cinema. It was one of those "I'm not sure what I'm ordering..." sort of places, but the atmosphere and end result were well worth the vague descriptions.

I had read about some great places to visit that are more "outdoorsy" in the city, so we ventured there. That always tends to happen...neither one of us can handle too much of the busy city life. Fresh air is always a nice repreave!

We ventured over to a small, affluent neighborhood where some famous people reside, and thought we'd admire some of the homes and stretch our legs a bit. Little did we know we'd stumble upon a little gem of a beach, cliffs and just about the best running path created!

If you ever find yourself in San Fran and need some fresh air and good views, go to Lands End. Promise you won't be disappointed!

We crammed a lot into a day and a half and got an entire new view of the Bay Area than we did last year! I just now know to avoid Route 1 north of the city :)


  1. Last summer we visited Redwood National Park and drove south to visit Yosemite & Sequoia National Parks. We were in two vehicles - a SUV and a truck + camper. We drove Highway 1 south for a while before we all decided it would be better for not only the truck + camper but also for those who were feeling terrible (my sister and I). It's a beautiful route but unless I was driving there is no way I could have continued to do it.

    We drove past several of the wine countries on the way and it took everything in me not to just jump out of the car and visit them - they looked so gorgeous! Just another reason to go back :)

  2. Meredith thanks for your sweet comments! You are looking great as well! I can't believe you are bike riding, impressed! Looks like a fabulous mother/daughter weekend!!

  3. I was completely awed by the panoramic glass wall at the wedding reception overlooking the skyline. As the sun was setting the view was more beyond amazing.

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