Nothing like packing it all in when I can. After my work was finished in the Bay Area, my mom flew out to meet me. Three days of no work, and all play... full of (mostly) sunshine, warm (er) weather that we've seen in months, and lots of delicious food!

We did everything from exploring Fisherman's Wharf, biking the Golden Gate, picnicking in the park, wandering around Marin County, hunting down restaurants that had fresh oysters, soaking in the views at Twin Peaks, venturing around different neighborhoods, getting pampered and walking...lots and lots of walking. I love any exercise I can get these days! It was wonderful!

Although the company we rented bikes from was a bit vague on how to actually get to the bridge, we found our way eventually. It wasn't too windy of a day, which made the ride more enjoyable than frightening across the bridge.

Baby bump on the bridge (It looks bigger in person, black is just very slimming ;)

Among our other outdoor adventures, we enjoyed the views at Twin Peaks after packing in miles of walking, shopping and feasting (Are you seeing a theme here?)...

 Although the city has some great things to offer, I'm a bit biased towards the towns across the bay. Just a short ferry ride away and it feels like you are in another world.

In Sausalito, we stumbled upon an candy shop that brought back every childhood memory of both my mom and I! Can't tell you how many, "oh my gosh, remember...!!" happened within a ten minute period. Someone was really excited about finding an old favorite:

We sat at lunch for a good hour, getting sunkissed and watching the sailboats. (This is about the time that I wondered how I earth we've endured such a horrible winter, and how could we go back to it!)

Alas. Here we are back in Michigan. Getting, you guessed it, another snow storm! It's still good to be back home after 10 days away.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I absolutely love San Fran and it looks like you had a wonderful trip!


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