Last Fall, my sister-in-law made the big move out to Colorado. It was high time to go visit her new home! It was my first time out west to the mountains, and my goodness, it's breathtaking.
You always hear of people wanting to move out West, and now I know why. It was 60 degrees, sunny, and you get a view like this everywhere you look:

Rough life, right? Freaking amazing life. I'm officially jealous of all people who get to enjoy this on a daily basis.

Five of us flew out to see Kelbel for a girl's weekend, and she was the ultimate tour guide. We started in Colorado Springs, then headed to Keystone to do some skiing (falling). In the Springs, we attmpted it all; Garden of the Gods, climbed very slippery waterfalls, drove on cliffs and through caves, toured downtown, hiked a bit more, and ate too much Mexican food.(way too much.)

After a full day, we loaded up the car and headed to the mountains (more of them at least :)
Although the drive was full of excitement, it was was the next day that proved to be the most entertaining.

I opted to cross country ski with Katie, rather than downhill. I haven't skied downhill in a good five years, and frankly, I wanted to come back home with all limbs attached and unbroken. I didn't think the mountains would be the best location to see how rusty I am (and after seeing the other girls come in at the end of the day looking like they got hit by a truck, I decided my decision was the right one. Once I sharped by hills on the bunny hills here in Michigan, I'll feel more prepared to conquer the mountains.)

Cross-Country  proved to be much more challenging than anticipated. We could hardly do it! No one told us it is MORE DIFFICULT than downhill! Goodness gracious, we were on our butts more than our skis. I'm not sure if we got a better workout from miles of cross-country on hills or from laughing our butts off the entire time.

The weekend ended up being the perfect girl's getaway, and the icing on the cake?!
I got to see two old friends who used to live in Charlottesvill! It's true that all cool people end up living in Colorado...who wouldn't want to live here?!!

Annnddd...since Katie and I used to watch every Michigan game in Charlottsville together, it was just about perfect that we got to watch the UM vs MSU basketball game together in Colorado too! Given the fact that I was on a trip with all State fans, it couldn't have worked out better...especially since we won :)!

 Goodbye, you beautiful, warm, sunny and snowy state. You're just about perfect.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip - great photos! What a cool city.

  2. Thought I'd say hello! Just stumbled across you blog and I've really enjoyed reading your adventures in residency! I promise that it does get better after residency! My twin sister's finance is a 2nd year radiology resident and they've been together since med school. Living with my twin while in dental school allowed me to see first hand weeks of night float/long call days/missed weddings/holidays, etc. My bf just finished up a residency in general surgery (we met when I matched at his hospital for a general dentistry residency.) We starting dating during his chief year (so I realize the quality of life is much better when you have interns and junior residents to do work for you), I understand what happens when they get caught in the OR. Happy 2014!

  3. What a gorgeous place to have a girls trip! I am in need of a girlfriends getaway stat. Although with your winter I'm surprised you didn't go to the Dominican republic or something ;) Make sure all the snow is gone when I move back this summer ok!

  4. What a fun trip! Colorado looks amazing.


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