Over the summer, I shared a bit about what "up north" is to us folks in Michigan. A few months before that, I posted some photos from a little valentines day getaway that Kyle and I had up at the cabin. (Also deemed "up north.")
In the winter, "up north," holds the same sentiment as it does in those warm summer months, just different activities. It's not water skiing, but snow skiing, fishing becomes ice fishing, a walk involves snowshoes and most of all, there is hunting. That ever-favorite activity of my husbands that is the source of every argument we have between September and December. Wish I was kidding.

Kyle had the week off over Christmas, which meant he wanted to go hunting as much as possible. We compromised and spent two nights at the cabin. My brother and dad also joined us, since Kyle has seemed to lure my brother into the hunting scene which only means double date hunting weeks in our future. (Thankfully I love my sis-in-law :)
Just as going north in the summer means relaxing, going north in the winter gives us the same joy. The lack of internet, only five television stations and the closet city miles and miles away, you are in your own little universe. You can be completely unplugged and feel good about it. Surrounded by endless hills, trees and wildlife, all coated in fresh snow. I don't think I've let myself relax that much in months, it was truly wonderful.

Meet Buster, a deer Kyle shot last year.

I've been debating on sharing the details of hunting, mostly for the sake of any vegetarians that could read this blog. It's not for the faint of heart, but it does take up a huge (way too large, if you ask me ;), part of our Fall. Every.Single.Year.
It can't fairly complain though, considering I have never shopped for meat and our extra freezer is full of every cut of venison possible. It's the work of processing to get it from the field to the freezer that tends to grind my gears. No, we don' t hire a butcher, Kyle is the butcher.

My brother and I won. This photo is solely to record our victory in Euchre.

While Matt and Kyle hunted, I stayed put in the cabin and kept watch. I'd text the boys if I saw a deer and inevitably answer the "how big is it?!" question. I was so excited to see so many visitors lingering by the food plots by the driveway: 

This is my dad's new pup, Paige. Aka, love of his life. She and Maizy are becoming buddies.

The boys didn't get any deer on this trip, but I must say, I'm quite thankful for that! Kyle has already gotten three this year, and my patience for processing deer has become hummm...slim to none. I think three is plenty :)

Were you able to get away at all during the busy holiday season? We only snuck away to the cabin for two nights, but it was just what we needed to feel refreshed.


  1. Gorgeous photos Meredith. I am not a hunter nor is any member of my family but these pictures make me wish we had someone in our lives to teach us :)

  2. Love the cabin and the photos! I think you should do a series of how you take photos and edit them! I need pointers!

  3. I simply found your web log through the presently, and it's beautiful! however cute was that scavenger hunt?job hunting i might imagine that ear plugs were necessary as a result of the squeaky and laughing. lovely footage and delightful women. You whole be a brilliant ma award!


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