I'm just going to lay it out there.
I am over this winter. I have no more patience for the crazy amount of wind, ice and sub zero temperatures that have defined the past month and a half.
I'm writing this as I'm laying on my couch, with no voice and deary eyes. After an amazing trip to Colorado last week (I'll share more about that soon), I've been plagued with some horrible virus.

I haven't been able to run in over 5 weeks, due to the sidewalks being coated with ice mixed with the temperatures sure to make my limbs fall off of my body. I'm not happy about that. Being stuck on an elliptical is less than ideal. Sure, I'm in a pretty pitiful state at the moment, given the fact that I'm surrounded by used kleenex and living off of chicken bullion, so maybe I'm being a bit pessimistic. Just a bit.

But my goodness. I don't remember winters like this. It's possible I have a selective memory, and at one time in my life you may have seen me making snow angels in a one piece snowsuit in weather that mimicked what we are now experiencing. I may have even enjoyed snow-cones and homemade ice cream from the freshly fallen flakes. Possible.

Sure, it's pretty and all. The white fields as far as the eye can see, the moon's light reflecting off of the freshly coated yard so it always looks bright outside, the smell of crisp air. Then, a car spins out in front of you, and that ice and snow just  lost a lot of it's beauty. When you have to go out in it, rather than look from a far. Let's be honest, Maizy (who enjoys everything!) isn't even enjoying the snow this year, it's too darn cold!

Okay, that's my rant. Maybe when I wake up from a nice slumber, I'll just be thankful to have a fireplace and hot water, and feel silly for complaining about the frigid temperatures that exist outside of the walls of our home.

Because the fact is, it looks like the next month will be nothing but the same.
I'm going to force myself to go run outside, even if it means packing on endless layers, and moving slowly as to avoid accidentally participating in the ice capades. Force myself to go make snow angels in the foot of snow outside our door. I will build a fire every night to avoid having a minor heart attack at our heating bill each month. Enjoy my hot tea, slippers and smores (my reward for fetching the firewood and building one!). Somehow, I will choose to enjoy you, winter. It just won't be until after I wake up from a drug-induced nap time.


  1. Girl, complain all you want! Lord knows we're doing a lot of it down here in Mississippi. This winter has been one for the books for us, I don't know how you survive up there!

  2. Ugh, hang in there. It's nowhere near that MI snow level here, but still, January felt like the longest month ever. One time I did actually go for a run in my snow boots - in the dark - and just had to laugh at myself for being so crazy. But I highly recommend it - so quiet and lovely on freshly fallen snow. That and cozying up with a baby/pup/husband and a movie are what I can offer as learning to enjoy winter ideas ;)


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