Hello visitors from Medical Monday's week! Happy New Year!

I've been sitting on this question and discussion for some time, so I thought today would be a perfect time to discuss- given so many medical community friends (or anyone who works a lot) can relate.

Do you hire out help?
Say, a house cleaner, dog sitter, lawn mower, snow plower (if applicable ;), meal delivery...?

We've been sitting on this topic for almost a year now. We teeter back and forth every other week, and inevitably it results in us getting too busy to do anything about it.  I do realize the irony that is spilling all over this picture.

We are just used to getting things done on our own (or with our families help- see, house renovation!). So when it comes to hiring help, it's almost like we both have a twitch reaction. As if it's a bad thing. I blame Midwestern mentality. A coworker of mine just moved here from San Francisco, and he made a comment that hit the nail on the head, "Why do you Midwesterns HAVE to do everything yourselves?!! No one cleans their own home in California. Hire a freakin' cleaner...and get a dog walker!!!"

Our life has dramatically changed in the past year and half due to residency. Although we'd love to avoid the obvious, it's hard for us to both swallow that sometimes, we simply need help. We both work more than the average 40 hour work week (Kyle works way over double that each week, but don't tell the government. Supposedly there is some law against that. Who knew.)
Our time together is precious. Our time to relax is precious, and rare. WHY AM I STILL SCRUBBING TOILETS?!! Seriously, the more I write the more frustrated I'm getting. WITH MYSELF!
Maybe it's a pride thing. Maybe I'm convinced that I can and should do it all myself. Maybe I think I'm just being over dramatic. Maybe I think it's too snobby for us. Maybe I'm too cheap (no, wait, the cheap part is definitely my husband. Okay, a little bit me too. The dutch thing has definitely worn off on me in four years of marriage.)

Just one deep clean every month would be make such a world of difference. Even one healthy pre-made meal a week- amazing. Right now, I so wish we would have paid a snow removal company for the entire winter to plow our driveway. Who knew the snowpocalyse was coming??!

One day, I'll write a post titled, "why your doctor spends more money than you," and it will have nothing to do with money made, and everything to do with lack of time. Is it ironic to anyone else that residents end up spending even MORE money due to the lack of time to do anything themselves?! (I've been keeping a list for good measure...care to add to it?)

I'm not on a rant, just stating the facts...that happens to sound eerily similiar to a rant. But I promise, not complaining.

After the holidays and to usher in the New Year, I promised myself there would be no more of this pride and plenty more of hiring people who could do a job better than I can. I've looked into lawn companies for Spring and I'm making a point to interview two more house cleaning companies in the next two weeks. It's time. It's past time. We need some assistance- for our sanity and those around us (i.e. Maizy.)

In the mean time, I'm off to shovel more snow.


  1. Glad you are doing well and in a position to consider having help. Time with the people you love is so valuable so having your chores done to your satisfaction by someone else is a good price to pay. Also think of it this way...you are putting money into the economy. The paid help can now turn around and spend that money which helps the economy grow. My favorite resident and hubby have gotten a house cleaner every other week and someone to do the lawn so that their precious little time can be spent together. If you don't like it, you can always stop. Good luck with the decision.

  2. Please get over yourself and hire out the help you need! You work hard and you can pay for it, and you need to spent your free time together. I know what you`re talking about though, because my husband and I have a cleaning lady, and it still feels weird for both of us, because we`re not used to it. But it`s so great! Try it!! :-)

  3. Its a great decision! Good luck in the search! We hire out lawn care and have housecleaners come on a biweekly basis. Our house is big (5 bathrooms!!), Larry has 5 kids coming and going, and its hard enough to keep up on the general organization. Deep cleaning was getting put on the back burner, so we leave toilets, floors, dusting, etc. to someone who's more efficient than am I. As far as lawn goes, Larry goes nuts if it gets too long, and it seems that when he has time to mow is when it rains. So, again, we leave that to someone more capable of working around the weather. I can give this advice though, check Angie's List or ask neighbors/coworkers for recommendations. We have been through about 5 lawncare companies in 3 summers. There are a lot of 'start up' companies that aren't very organized. Anyone can take a loan out on a mower, but not just anyone can run a business with it. We ended up taking a recommendation and hired a partially retired gentleman who doesn't miss a beat. Good luck!!

  4. Do it! I agree, it feels a little weird to hire someone to clean your house when it's something you're capable of doing yourself, but when you have a demanding job and so does your husband, something has got to give. I hired a biweekly cleaning service this summer and it always made me so happy to come home to a clean house! It not only gave me a little more time to spend doing things other than cleaning, but it also made me feel a little less put upon and helped get rid of a source of sometimes-tension in my marriage, because I (as the non-resident) by default did all of the cleaning with little help from my husband. Definitely worth a try!

  5. Hi Meredith.

    I have help - but the cleaners have never been good enough for me, so it's actually added stress to my life - I work from home and can actually see what they do and I'm pretty particular. Still, it's great to have it cleaned by someone else - I also have a fabulous handyman for the house projects - and definitely yard help - blowing up the leaves, cleaning up, planting, etc. I supervise, but I have no interest in doing this myself. In addition, once yearly, the windows are cleaned and twice yearly the rugs are cleaned professionally. Just do it - you will never regret it.

    Best, Ray Doc Wife

  6. This is great advice for when I get to that stage in my life. Do hire help if you can afford it, these things can get overwhelming if not.

  7. Thanks for linking up with MM. As of now we don't, but I have hopes that one day in the future!

  8. I always suggest if people have the $ to hire the help! We weren't able to during residency outside of a dog walker but now that my husbands almost done with fellowship I am finally going to be able to hire a house cleaner :) I think their time is so limited to spend with you and at home that one less stress about cleaning/cooking/nannies is such a boost to the marriage.


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