Last past week, we had three different Thanksgiving celebrations. It's a holiday miracle that Kyle and I were able to attend all of them together! We ventured to Kyle's aunt's for an early Christmas/Thanksgiving party, we hosted our first Thanksgiving with both of our families, and two days later celebrated with my mom and her husband's family. Whew. It was a big whirlwind of turkey and cranberries... and pumpkin pie and prime rib and ham and tenderloin and potatoes and squash get the point.

I'm ashamed to admit that while hosting, I never took out my camera. I was too busy organizing and socializing and coloring mermaids with the kids. Now, I'm rather bummed that I didn't document our first Thanksgiving adventure at the house (minus last year's sitting on moving boxes), but at least we have a few from the trusty iphone. Just picture a lot of running around, screams in the background for the Lions game, and more food than any human could possibility consume. We've finally made a good dent in the leftovers in our refrigerator. Good thing, because I think my body is beginning to

The only people missing from our celebration were my sister-in-law, who had to work and my step-mom, who was soaking up the sun in Florida. But, my sister from NYC was in town, Kyle's sis from Colorado and everyone else made a safe drive across the state. We realized that this was the first time since our wedding that the majority of both sides of our families were together. Certainly a complete a holiday!

And the turkey?! Happy to report that that baby turned out marvelous - it's not nearly has difficult as I always assumed it would be. Actually, it's quite easy just looking over Kyle's shoulder, giving my opinion and taste testing throughout the day :)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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