Hi Everyone! A belated MERRY CHRISTMAS and now HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I took an unofficial hiatus from blogging for the past few weeks, and I'm happy to say it was much needed and wisely used. Less time on computer = more time with hubby. I think we can all agree that is a great trade. I also noticed that my writers block was bigger than ever, I just needed to take a step back and see where it took me. Well, I'm back :) What can I say, I missed you!

I'm finally sitting down, for what seems like the first time in weeks, and let me tell you - it's amazing. I miss just writing and sharing and reading other people's blogs. I didn't realize this as much as when I wasn't doing it. There's so much to share and catch up on, so I'll start with the most obvious: Christmas!

I am just quickly popping in to share some of the holiday parties from the past few weeks. The holidays are such a mix of excitement and exhaustion, don't you think? I thought this would stop once we moved back to Michigan, since we would "have more time." Yeah, that hasn't happened. Almost the opposite actually. As wonderful as the holiday season is, I need a few days to just be at our home, sleep in our own bed and sink back into everyday life. If are you are currently picturing me in slippers, sipping tea, you have an accurate representation of my "recovery" time :)

I attend a women's bible study every Monday, so Shirley, our leader, hosted a wonderful holiday party for us...where we all just played with baby Alex :) He's the only male welcome.

A few days later, I hosted the "2nd Annual Christmas and Cookies" party. Pretty much an excuse for some girlfriends to get together, exchange gifts and taste test way too many cookies. Last year I made some mint chocolate truffles, and this year I stole this recipe. Would highly recommend!

We also had my work party that week...and of all people, Kyle ended up wining the bowling tournament. We spent a few days up at the cabin mixed in there somewhere, but I'll share more on that this week.. let's skip forward to more Christmas' and gatherings.

Annual dinner with Kyle's hometown crew:
We made a special trip to the west side and it was well worth the big hugs and time to just catch up.

We had Christmas at my mom's, at our home, at my in-law's, then with my dad's family. Christmas really did last an entire week :)

Hannah was enough entertainment for everyone. My goodness, she's so so big and so smart. We just watched her open gifts and use her imagination for hours.

Hannah loved making a gingerbread house. Aka, sneaking as much gumdrops as possible into her mouth, and happily smearing frosting on her hands only to lick it off. I think it's her new favorite Christmas tradition! Caught red handed:

Somehow we managed the whole week with no pictures of just Kyle and I. Maybe one on New Year's Day will suffice.

Hope each of you had a very merry Christmas!


  1. Love your pictures! Happy New Year! Never apologize for taking time off the blog to spend some quality time with husband! You have to take advantage of their time off!!! :)

  2. Happy New Years! Love your pictures! I was also MIA a bit so you're not alone ;)


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