Do you have "fun days?"
I'm a very big fan.
In college, it was Sunday Fun Day - best day of the week! That carried into our life after the laid back college days, right into Kyle's medical school and my career. Each Sunday we had fun day traditions, and they were wonderful.
Two years ago, Kyle and I implemented "VK Family Fun Day" with his family. Result? Success. We did a movie, bowling, dinner and ended the night with a card tournament. It's a holiday tradition now.

So, while sitting at work in our weekly meeting, the group was discussing options for celebrating the holidays. After many ideas were thrown around - annual holiday party, going to a bar, secret santa, etc, it came down to one thing we all agreed on: FUN DAY!

But, let's back up a moment.

We are all very competitive. A group of Type A personalities. Take, for example, Halloween. Each year, there is a "friendly" competition among departments for the best Halloween costumes. This year, one coworker coordinated our entire office and forced us to dress up as Wizard of Oz.
See below.

Pretty sweet, right?
We lost to minions (as if that was original or creative)  Let me just tell you, we all left before the group picture. Our walk back to the office involved everyone plotting on how to win next year. Take that experience, apply it to "Office Holiday Fun Day", and you may get a bit nervous.

Me too.

We have brackets.
We are drawing names.
There is a scoreboard.
We will be trading players.
I'm secretly hoping we get team shirts for the bowling finale.

Beginning this week, and culminating in an entire day of games closer to Christmas, it's on. Like donky kong. I'm just praying we all remember the "holiday spirit." If Halloween is any indication of what is to come, no one is going down without a fight.


  1. Wow sounds intense! We just have a lunch the Friday before break.

  2. That's hillarious! It makes me miss having coworkers.

    1. Co-workers can definitely make or break a job, very thankful that I love mine!
      Do you work from home now or are you done working because of all of the transition you two will be going through soon?

  3. Thanks for linking this post up with MM - I am just a little behind; tis the season! I love the idea of a family fun day - and how nice that everyone else likes it too!

    1. It's okay, I'm always behind lately :) Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


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