After sharing on Monday how it's time for me to rest,  wouldn't ya know it - I've been forced to.

I can't track down where I got this awful bug, but it came in full vengeance. The lovely runny nose, swollen throat, body aches,  headache, and best of all - that attractive manly voice. Typically I only get that late at night when I'm exhausted. The only great part of being sick is the endless amount of coconut popsicles and hot tea that I get to consume. You'll never find me complaining about coconut popsicles. OH, and wearing slippers all day long. <--- AMAZING.
I'm finding the silver lining here. 

On another note that has nothing to do with lounging around and blowing my nose all day...

Two weekend ago, we had some visitors - who happen to be some of our favorite people. 
We aren't biased or anything, we just think our niece is about the best thing since sliced bread.

While here, my sister-in-law, brother and I went to the UM vs. Nebraska football game to cheer on our poor team. Emily happens to be from Nebraska, so she wore red and we sat in the visitors section of the stadium. Points for being good family members.
Thankfully, I have nothing but good things to say about the Nebraska fans - they are actually quite nice (as if that should be a surprise?!). I think there was a common consensus that both of our teams are pretty awful this year, so neither one of us could be upset at the other. Football can be a mean game people. Just wait until Ohio State comes to town next week. Yikes.

Okay, now I'm babbling. Can you tell I've been cooped up in the house all day?
Just Maizy and I, hanging out. I think she's a bit frustrated at my lack of playing with her while I'm home. I keep getting legit puppy eyes.

One last thing as I wrap up- Hannah just turned two, and of course that means a photo session. Documenting these years is priceless and I love being able to do it. Seems surreal that just 24 months ago she was this petite newborn. Next thing you know she's going to be calling me because she has a crush.  Here's a few photos from a 2 year old who knows how to work the camera.

Happy Weekending!


  1. My favorite things to do (lay in bed, watch movies, read books) match up perfectly with being sick. Sometimes I even fake sick:-) Hope you are on the mend!

    1. hahaha sometimes I want to fake being sick. Especially when it's as cold outside as it is now...nothing is better than cuddling up and watching movies!

  2. Go blue! I will have to make my husband a michigan fan soon now that were moving back!

    1. YES! Your husband will absolutely need to become a Michigan fan when you move back!
      You should get him a Michigan sweatshirt as a "moving" gift ;)... a good look into his future attending games at the Big House!


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