We have a saying at my work: "bright shiny thing!"
It's because we are all a tad ADD and Type A personalities. "Bright shiny thing," is the best way to explain my coping technique of hosting the holidays:

I love the holidays. Christmas music playing in the stores, red and green lining the streets, the crisp air giving us hope for a white Christmas, the anticipation of after-dinner Thanksgiving naps, the holiday season flavors at Starbucks. Oh, and let's not forget having an excuse to continually watch one of  the best movies ever, Elf.
Everything. I love it. If you see me during the next two months, there is a good chance I'll have a perma-smile just because happiness is in the air. Just makes my heart happy just thinking about the memories we form each year with our family and friends.

This year, we are hosting our first Thanksgiving at our home. Last year, we also had it at our home, but "hosting" may be a stretch. My brother (who happens to be a gourmet cook for fun) brought down every dish and we sat on boxes around our dining room table.  We had moved into our home the day before, so you can imagine the mess of trying to find plates and utensils to eat with. I even ended up putting peppermint extract instead of vanilla in our sweet potato casserole, but we ate it anyway (I have a gracious family)! Although a bit chaotic, it's one of our favorite memories.

This year, we have chairs to sit on and a TV to watch, so we are already in better shape :) (I've also purged the kitchen of peppermint extract so there will be no mistake made in the casserole department!)
We love hosting, but for some reason, a big holiday seems different than a baby shower or small dinner party. After putting together a nice google doc outlining the menu and attendees, my anxiety began to creep in a bit. To Pinterest I ran.
Oh but of course, Pinterest doesn't exactly ease tension, it simply provides distraction. Pretty distraction: "bright shiny things!"

I look at the images that come up and think, "we're going to have tons of kids running around, there's no way that decorated table will stay like that longer than 10 minutes." But, then, the  (potentially) impractical part of me goes into dream mode and my anxiety about cooking gets replaced by excitement in the details and display of foods. Nevermind the fact that the food needs to be made prior to displaying it.

Cute labels for foods. Chalkboard menus. Adorable baby pumpkins. Fancy Dessert displays. Fun cocktail drinks with pretty typography. and PIE POPS?! BRIGHT SHINY THINGS!!

Thankfully time is limited, so I can't pursue every pinterest-worthy idea. However, I'm confident our stomachs and hearts will be full regardless of if I can pull off finding blue plates just to display baby pumpkins on! (Not exactly saying that is going to stop me from trying ...)

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Any tricks of the trade you would like to share?


  1. Love these Pinterest ideas! I'm sure you will do a fabulous job. We're not hosting this year (we decided we didn't want to buy a dining room table for fellowship year and got rid of our old one in a prior move). I'm looking forward to hosting our first holiday next year though and finally using all of our fancy wedding gifts!

    1. I can relate- we STILL haven't unpacked our china from our wedding. It's been 3.5 years....
      I'd love to for Thanksgiving, but I'm completely afraid of a child using them! haha

  2. Such cute ideas! I am heading to our in-laws in Iowa (shoot me now) just kidding…or am I? But I actually hate hosting and am such a bad hostess its horrible. I think once we finally have a home of our own and not just an apartment during residency then I will enjoy it. So perhaps next year I will attempt a holiday and break out all of our wedding china that has never been used in 5 years. Good luck :)

    1. I just spent all last week in Iowa!
      See comment above regarding wedding china -so glad we aren't the only ones!!
      Hope you have a wonderful "vacation" ;)

  3. I love the pictures! Thankfully, I am not hosting... but it's never to early to start thinking about next year.

    1. It sounds like you have been super busy lately, leave the hosting to someone else and just enjoy the good food this year :)


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