It's been way too long since I've just sat down and written on the blog. At least it's felt like that.
I miss it.
Writing sucks me in and I get lost in just typing away, sharing whatever may be happening in life and recording it so I have my little journal years down the road. One day when I look back on this blog, I wonder if I'll remember what was happening during these seemingly long gaps between posts, or even when I had the energy or time to post daily. Lately, it's been the long gaps that need to be filled in, so I'm playing a bit of catch up today for my own benefit.

Back in August, I knew September and October were going to be some crazy months. It felt like the looming black cloud in the distance, just waiting for me. Between my job, the beautiful fall weather that is begging to be used as the perfect backdrop for photographs, Kyle's new rotation that has proved to be hum, challenging and a good amount of traveling - things have gotten wild around here. If you saw my laundry room this weekend, you'd understand how things have gone in our house the past two months - yikes. (It's taken four nights to get through it...and there's more to go.)

It's just been one of those seasons. Things are too good to complain, yet I find myself fighting the feelings of ungratefulness simply due to stress. Regardless, these months have left me with limited time, thus, this little blog fell off the priority list. (As did any hope of getting Maizy a haircut, my goodness, our poor pup looks like a perfect cylinder of black fluff.)  Although there's been lots to share; travels to Iowa, Nashville and Charlottesville, my 10 year high school reunion, weddings, photo shoots, birthday celebrations, and even more apple goodness...I've failed to do so. Sadly, it also means that neither Kyle nor I have been able to cheer on our favorite football team every Saturday, it's Fall after all! So much of the past few months deserves to be written about and recorded, so in the interim of me catching up on some crazy (don't get me wrong, there's been plenty of fun in there too!) months, we'll let my iphone do some of the talking.

Sunday evening, I'm going to sit on my couch, with nothing in site expect for a roaring fireplace and steam from my hot chocolate, my head resting on my husband's shoulder and Maizy on my lap. Full of gratefulness, relief and anticipation for what's to come. (Of course, that means the holiday season - it's already getting chilly here and stores are full of Christmas decorations already, so I feel it's only appropriate to start the countdown to the best time of year!!)

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  1. Ungratefulness is a serious disease I feel like I am always battling. But I am grateful for fall - my favorite time of the year.


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