Two weekends ago, we woke up at 4 am and headed to the airport. The day had finally arrived for our friends, Josh and Patti, to tie the knot. As we descended into Charlottesville Airport (my favorite airport!), both Kyle and I got really giddy. We haven't been able to get back to Cville since we moved a year and half ago, so we were SO excited to just visit this little place we used to call home. This is where we were engaged, had our first home, our first two years of marriage, and formed lifelong friendships. It will always be an amazing place for us. We just love it.

The wedding was held at this gorgeous venue just out of town. The half hour drive took us through the winding back roads, through vineyards and farmland - all of the quintessential parts of the state that make your heart skip a beat. (I didn't take pictures because those winding roads also tend to make me a bit car sick ;)

As friends, all of our best memories together are in this town. It was so bittersweet to be there, because it conjured up a life so different than the one we live now. Nothing better or worse, just so different. (Med school was so much more fun than residency ;)

But, for the whole reason we reunited in Charlottesville in the first place:

The summer between first and second year of Kyle's med school, these two started hanging out. I was in Martha's Vineyard for the summer, Kyle was in Michigan doing research, and they were in Charlottesville. Kyle and I returned as an engaged couple, to Patti and Josh who were now "best friends." Everyone knew it was only a matter of time. 8 months went by and it was clear that they both were head over heals for their "best friend." Then, our wedding weekend rolled around, and they came to Michigan to celebrate. Love was in the air, because that weekend finally solidified Josh & Patti's relationship ;) Skip forward two years, with graduation around the corner, and Josh is on one knee asking his future bride to marry him.

It's easy to see why this town is so special to them.

We spent the evening eating ridiculously good food from their favorite restaurant in town, The Local, (if you are ever going to visit Cville, it's a must!), and just catching up. This time in our lives is so treasured, it just felt right to be back celebrating with friends who were a part of that.
It was that weekend last year that was spoken about with such anticipation, "can't wait for Josh & Patti's wedding...we all get to come back!!"

We booked a late afternoon flight on Sunday, so we could spend some time in Charlottesville and visit our old church. We knew it that this would be such a short trip, but we wanted to make the most of it and see as many people as possible - even if that meant just a quick hug! I keep using the word bittersweet, but it's the only word I find appropriate. It was so, so nice to be back in that church, we miss that community, the worship, the teachings, the atmosphere. It was our home.
It played such a huge role in our life while in Virginia, that I got teary eyed leaving it that day.
(are you discovering a theme to this post? Happy, sentimental, happy, sentimental...)

Sunday was spent having a delicious brunch at a past favorite and around the downtown mall, just hanging out. Everywhere we went, it felt like we had a story about, "that one time..."

We stayed with our friend, Tom, for the weekend. What a treat to be able to catch up with him!   Thanks for being such a great host (and letting us use your car!!) We miss the pup Rosko already, can't wait for he and Maizy to reunite too!

Do you picture me teary eyed right now? Because I am. I seriously love this place.
What a treat to return, if only for a very short trip :)

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  1. I think this is why I am scared to ever go back to Louisville. It was home for us. It is where our marriage took shape...where we discovered living in Christian community. I miss it so much. That doesn't mean we don't love where we are now...but for different reasons. I'm glad you were able to go back and enjoy your time as much as possible.


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