A while ago, I shared about this group of girls that have made my life, let's be honest, pretty awesome! Connected by all of our significant others being residents, we've formed this bond full of comfort, laughter, commiseration and as of late, lots celebrating!!
I can't help but share everyone's great news :)

You see, last year, there was only one baby between all of us. Little Jackson, the most adorable little man you've ever laid eyes on. We joke that at his first soccer game, he'll have ten women standing on the sidelines cheering him on!

Months went by as we all settled in. We started jobs, purchased homes, and life continued. 
Then, something happened.
Four girls drank the same water last winter, and all ended up pregnant. I know, avoid Ann Arbor water people. One was born 3 months ago, and, as of today, we have three newborn babies!!
(Like how say "we" as if it were a group effort!) Respectively, 12 weeks old, 6 days old, 24 hours old and 8 hours old.

Our emails, phones and texts have been going off nonstop with the updates over the past six days. I won't share those details, as I'm convinced no one here wants to hear about a crowning head and  encouragements to "just keep pushing!!" The 9th floor was busy yesterday, we even thought that the two little ladies would share a birthday, but one day apart isn't too bad either ;)

I'm so so so happy to share that every momma is doing wonderfully and each baby is healthy as can be. Four babies = future best friends. Of course, we already have two of them married but I suppose we'll have to wait that one out a few years.
I'm overjoyed and so proud of these women!
As of this morning: 2 boys, 2 girls, and (now) big brother, Jackson. Five precious little miracles to celebrate, and three new seats for our dinner reservations.
I see many extra large birthday parties in our future.

Welcome to the world,
Henry Davis, Alexander Joseph, 
Aurora Violet & Noelle Sophia!


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