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I'm finally sitting down at the computer simply because I missed Medical Mondays last month, and wanted to stop by and say Hello! before it disappears on me again. I love this week of the month, mostly because I get to discover blogs that dabble in the medical world (and selfishly, it makes me feel somewhat normal.)

If you're new around here, welcome! I write about everything from our home renovations to my life married to a medical resident, and all of the good, bad and ugly that that entails. I try to be pretty honest about the struggles and celebrations that we encounter as we navigate this place called the medical world, which lead to the series "The Residency Forum."

This week, I'm going to start a new part which I talked about ohh..humm.. a few months ago. But, life takes over faster than I can type or record it, so thank you for your gracious patience as I catch up.
I would be lying if there also hasn't been a bit of hesitancy in my prolonged follow-up, but you'll understand more later this week. We'll be discussing a wife's career when your husband or SO is a resident (or medical student or practicing physician..). It's a robust, hot topic, full of opinions and insight. Hopefully we can all gain from the conversation :)

Until then, How was your Labor Day Weekend?

I'll be honest, mine was a bit exhausting. I hit my pillow last night and was out like a light bulb, and may have whined when I heard the alarm this morning. Kyle was on call most of the three days, so I put my big girl pants on and decided to get A LOT of house work done. I'm talking painting, organizing the garage, mowing the lawn, caulking baseboards. Yeah, the really fun stuff. Oh, and we hosted a cookout and had a photo shoot and I got to hang out with my favorite almost-2 year old.

But, lest not forget- Saturday was GAMEDAY in Ann Arbor!! (A holiday in our home.)
That's right, football season started and I promise I could even smell Fall in the air on Saturday morning. Kyle got home from a 30 hour shift, slept for one hour, and was ready to go. "Sleep can wait, it's Michigan Football." (PS. I don't condone this behavior.)

Random side note: Ironically, we have a similiar picture with both of these couples from last year, and it was taken after both girls mentioned they were hoping to get pregnant soon. Welp, they are due three weeks apart! (Very soon, too!) I think this can be counted as both of their babies first Michigan Football game. #futurewolverine.

Okay, I'm done babbling. Hope you have a great 4 day work week and I'll be back in the next 48 hours to start the next Residency Forum! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!


  1. I'm excited to read your post on the medical SO career. It is something I have been thinking about.

  2. YOu did have a pretty amazing August. Thanks for linking up with medical mondays - it's always good to see you on the board:-) I also loved your last post Letter to a College Student. Good advice.

  3. Stopping by for Medical Monday. I'm enjoying your blog! We did get some "football" in despite my Doctor working this weekend - though in our case it was European football. We woke up early Sunday morning to live stream our favourite Premiership soccer team.

    1. Maggie, isn't it funny how we can always seem to fit it in?!

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