We spent three days in Ireland, and the second day we escaped the city and headed into the countryside. And when I say countryside....

Stone walls, rolling hills, and cows grazing.

We rented a car and learned quickly to drive on the left side of the road, and the right side of the car- in manual. Since I don't even know how to drive manual on the left side of the road, there was no way I was getting behind that wheel.
Linda had to take the lead and drove our entire 13 hour, 1-day road trip! We haven't stopped thanking her for taking one for the team, these Irish roads were certainly not made for the weary.

Originally, we mapped out a route to go to Nothern Ireland and see Giants Causeway, various castles and Belfast. However, after our bestie, Sean, convinced us to go to the West instead (along with many other random people that we decided to ask), we remapped our trip and headed west the next day.

Don't judge us for wearing pretty much the same exact outfit as the first day. We only packed carry on for a 10 day trip.

Trim Castle is where Braveheart was filmed, and being right outside of Dublin, we felt is necessary to start the journey there. Not too shabby for being our first introduction to the backroads of Ireland and the quaint towns built around the remaining structure of castles. Felt like a life straight out of a movie.

After many winding roads, we made it to another Castle and small town called Athenry:

Oh, and another that we just happened to drive by. I could get used to that.

We made it to Galway for a late lunch, and ventured around the city for a few minutes until a man of little faith told us we would never make it to the Cliffs in time. WHATTT??! The whole reason we survived the backroads was to make it to the Cliffs! We grabbed some maps and we ran like heck to our car, started up Fiona, our GPS, and got on the road.

We took the coastal road the whole way, and although the views were unmatched, the drive itself proved to be an adventure. The scratches across our rental car were clear signs of the narrow roads! A few times all we could do is come to a complete stop, fold in the windows, scrunch to one side of the car and pray for dear life. Of course, only to be laughed at by the bus drivers happily passing us at full speed.

We took a break from screaming once in a while to enjoy the breathtaking views.

After cheering on a Winnebago to make it up the mountains (GO WINNIE GO! ohhh....down she goes... GO WINNIE GO!), we arrived at the most beautiful time of day, at one of the most beautiful spots in the world: Cliffs of Moher.

We rolled into Dublin about 1:00 am, exhausted but exhilarated by all we were able to get done in one day. But, we did a two day rental....
So, the next day we headed south to Bray, climbed a mountain and had a wonderful Monday morning view:

Then to Glendalough to visit one of Ireland's first monasteries.
It's almost not fair how freakin beautiful this country is, no matter where you go it always evokes the same reaction and emotion: amazement.

You may feel exhausted after scrolling through this entire post, probably similar to how we felt our last night in Ireland. SO.WORTH.IT.

Next Stop: VENICE!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love all the photos and if Ireland wasn't already on my 'visit' list, it would be now.

    Random question - what camera and editing software do you use? Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Hi Corinne! I use a NikonD600 camera body and Adobe Lightroom for editing. However, lenses are super important too! I don't tend to edit a lot at all, only touch-ups.

      PS. I would definitely encourage you going to Ireland ;)

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  3. There are many beautiful places to visit in Ireland. Your pictures are very nice, i think you have enjoyed a lot in your trip. Planning a trip is quiet tough as there are many things to decide like how to reach the destination, where to stay and many other things. I like going on trips as well. it feels great.


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