Over the past 10 days, I've been on 7 flights, stepped foot in five different countries and took over 1,500 photographs.
Yesterday, my feet landed safely on American soil. I used our own washer and dryer, showered in our bathroom and slept in our bed. As much I as I love (and I mean lurrveee) traveling and exploring the world, nothing beats home. Our home.

While I gallivanted around on gondolas and explored the Irish countryside, Kyle was stuck in the OR - making it that much sweeter to hear the flight attendant proclaim our arrival. I missed that man like crazy. You can imagine my disappointment to be reminded that we still live in a residency world, and "complicated cases" will take precedent over reuniting with your spouse. Evidence of the call at midnight that he was finally coming home. Argh.
On the bright side - Maizy comes home tonight too (after two weeks of being spoiled by grandparents), so our little family will be together again. You may think that sounds totally cheesy, but it makes my heart full.

In my sleep-deprived state, last night I attempted to upload my photographs with full intentions of kicking off a five-day post marathon of the adventures. However, due to some glitches with my computer (because, truly, why wouldn't that happen right.now.), travel photos will have to wait a few more days. The suspense is killing me, I just want to get my hands on them and relive the trip all over again!

You didn't hear anything about the trip because everything took a break: the blog, instagram, and {mostly} facebook. I'll admit: It was wonderful. Although at first I was disappointed (maybe I shouldn't admit that), that I couldn't document the travels via instagram, I must say the freedom of no phone was heavenly. I turned my phone on last night to be greeted by numerous birthday texts, "where are you?" questions and "have fun," messages. A nice welcome back into the real world.

Can't wait to share all of the memories made, until then, here's a sneak peak taken from the ipad of one ridiculously beautiful place, the Cliffs of Moher.


  1. welcome back little big sis! can't wait to see those pics & hear about your adventures!

  2. Welcome Home! Love the no phone time!

    When was your birthday - belated greetings!

    Ray Doc Wife

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Lisa. Also, I didn't realize you also "hailed" from the Midwest (from your past post!)


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