Last Saturday, I ran a 5k.
Today, my arms and legs still look like I won  was in a bar fight.
Nevertheless, the race was extraordinary and I can't wait to do it again!!

Last Christmas, our friends, Mark and Maggi, told us about this dream they had - to do an obstacle course that served families, children and athletes alike. It would bring together communities and give families a way to participate in something together, while being fun, challenging and entertaining: meet "The Great Unrace," otherwise known as The Rhino Challenge.
Their life has been dedicated to this race every since.
Every ounce of that dedication showed.

July 20th rolled around and all of the work they put into making this idea a reality was evident.
The race was INCREDIBLE!
The hills made the run challenging and the obstacles were creative (and gave me a run for my money -just picture me hanging off the top of the rock wall because I couldn't find my footing ;).
Children LOVED that they had obstacles "their size," while the adults could still get a great workout on the "big bear" versions at each stop. I sound like a marketing rep attempting to promote this, but I wouldn't bother writing about it if I didn't think it was worthy of the accolades.
I'm also just SUPER proud of them- making a dream a reality takes a lot of courage (and endurance!).

You can check out their website here, The Rhino Challenge, and start training on some hills for next year's race.


  1. Love this - what an awesome idea! They need to bring this goodness out east!

  2. I think I can smell those shoes:-) What a great race, glad you are back running!

  3. thanks Mer, Im so glad you guys enjoyed it! it was so fun to do and see it all come together! we had such amazing support from all of our friends and families, so thank you all who came out and participated! what a beautiful day it was to live in MI!


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