Every evening, we venture out to our garden and scope out the produce, with basket in hand. My grandpa gave us this basket specifically for carrying our produce from the garden to the house, and I have a soft spot in my heart for it.

For the past week, we've been picking loads of green beans and sugar snap peas from our first garden, our baby. They are growing like wildfire! And I must say, our sugar snap peas taste so much better than the ones we purchase from the store. 
They are also double the size. WIN!
The other plants are quickly catching up;  tomatoes and peppers should be ripe in the upcoming weeks, as well as some cabbage and lettuce. We've been keeping an eye on the potatoes and carrots, digging into the ground just a smidgen to check their progress. 
Does it get much better than giving you neighbors handfuls of green beans from your own garden? Well, maybe, but it's still fun!

 Our little seedlings are growing up.
Who gets sentimental about a garden? This girl- and definitely my husband!

Our first dish from the garden:

I'll share more after my bubble suit arrives in the mail and I can take pictures outside without getting attacked by mosquitoes. They are out to destroy me this year!

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