It feels like we are on the final stretch of this "let's just renovate our house" deal.
Sometimes I find myself wondering, "what on earth were we thinking," and other times you can find me getting really excited about a new project I just thought up.
Oh renovations, you play with my heart.
All in all, both Kyle and I are pretty happy that all of the BIG projects are finished. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted and we can just maintain, decorate more and settle in. It's ours.

Now that I've turned all mushy on you, let's turn back to the everlasting to-do list. Nothing on here is urgent, mostly loose ends that we'll be casually working on over the upcoming months. I just found a lot of joy in that statement.

Here we go:


 - Poly the cabinets
-  Install cabinet hardware
-  Paint the toekick

Half Bathroom:

- Replace vanity
- Install new mirror
- Install baseboards

Laundry Room:

- Install baseboards
- Frame the entryway nook 

Dining Room:

- Install lights, either recessive or a light fixture


- Decide on a color and paint the cedar walls (you don't know this yet, unless you follow me on instagram, but our sunroom has been furnished for a while and I just haven't posted it. I'm making it a point to get caught up soon :)


- Organize!


- Remove railing on front porch and replace with something much prettier :)
- Furnish/Decorate the front porch
- Paint the front door a color

This seems so underwhelming compared to the last updated to-do list.

I do have a few DIY projects up my sleeve, including (but not limited to ;) painting a storage bench, refurbishing a dresser, refurbishing our patio furniture and making a fabric headboard.
But, we shall see how far we get on those projects.

I feel like we have all the time in the world to take it slow now :)

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