Everytime I pull into our driveway, I'm still a bit surprised at how different our home looks!
It doesn't even look like the same house we purchased just 9 months ago. I keep walking to the end of the driveway just to look, then walk back with a smile on my face. It finally feels like ours.

But, before I jump into all of the dirty details of landscaping (and why my back is still a bit sore!) let's back up to two weeks ago during our painting expedition. I had NO idea there were so many minute details that went into painting. Did you?!
Just throw some paint up there, right? I wish. More like long hours of spraying, then going over every nook and cranny with a brush, taping off each window, climbing up and down ladders, measuring five times just to make sure, etc etc....
I suppose that is part of the fun of renovations - learning as we go! I should say that I didn't do any of those things. The best advice I could give for a project like this is to hire professionals. Don't even try, you'll just get stuck with a lot of paint, bruises, and a half finished house that sees no end in sight (thankfully, that didn't happen to us but it's easy to foresee the future if we had attempted this ourselves!)

Here are a few of the details that we mulled over, and over again...thankfully we're really happy with the decisions. (Although some are still being mulled over, but you'll learn that in a minute)
For a bigger picture of the project, go here.

Front Porch and Brick:

Our front porch has brick rather than cedar, and it was always up for grabs as to what we would do with it. But, it was obvious once the house was painted blue- the brick had to go. There was a huge disconnect between the left and right side of the house, since there was nothing on the porch that really tied them together. It almost felt like a dark hole.

Here's a really poor picture that I took with my phone, but you can sort of see the disconnect.


We painted the brick the accent color. It's now warm and connected! It also is tonal with the roof, so it flows really well and looks like a natural progression. It's actually two shades darker on the color chart than our trim, so that guaranteed that we would stay in the right tone family.

Originally, we wanted to put in a craftsman front door. But, we realized the light that comes in through the front door is really the only light in the entryway and side hallway area. So, we are keeping it, and in the mean time, choosing another accent color. Most likely along the lines of red. Something that will add a little spice and make it "pop," since it's such a small area.


Typically, foundations are covered by landscaping of some sort. Typically, it's painted a darker color to resemble dirt (to blend more with the ground), or painted same color as the home. It was strange to see what people normally do with foundation because you never see it or think about it (if it's done correctly!).

We ended up painting it the same color as the home. This was the first coat, so you can still see a tiny line in the lower right hand corner of white from the foundation before.

Remember this?


Prior to painting, the ENTIRE home was brown. There wasn't a trim color or accent color...just brown. Lots and lots of brown. Some people thought it was a shade of red, so let's call it 'reown' for now.
Here's a good example of 'REOWN': 

We painted all of the boxed windows and trim "Kilim Beige:"

However, our favorite thing we did with the trim is ADD it!
We added some accent trim to give detail, as well as hide a transition line around the home. This trim piece across the garage is symmetrical with the bottom of the peak in front, along with the back of the home, side of garage and the chimney.

Before (which is a picture from the real estate listing...)

Those pieces really brought more character and charm to the ranch.

Garage Doors:

We are still deciding whether we want to paint the garage doors the accent color (same as the front porch brick- "Hopsack" by Sherwin Williams). They are currently basic white (as seen from the only picture I have from this angle:)
(Also, you can see the trim here piece here!)

There she is folks, right before the landscaping company filled up our entire driveway and forever changed our little abode.

There you have it...the poop brown ranch is now full of color, detail and ohhh so pretty!
I can't wait to show ya'll what a difference the landscaping has made! Once it stops raining I'll be able to take some pictures and share.

In the mean time, here's my mom and I looking rather lovely as we plant :)

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  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see the landscaping!

    1. Hey Dana, I know you'll appreciate all of the landscaping ;)

  2. Looks great, Meredith!

    Love the blue color you chose!

    Ray Doc Wife

  3. Changes look great! You should plant a veggie garden!!

    1. Hey! Oh, we have one..it's a bit out of control at this point (http://www.themittenwife.com/2013/05/our-garden-tour-pre-harvest.html)

  4. Looks so good! Jealous of your housing handywork!

  5. Looks absolutely beautiful!!! Love the colors and added trim... what a difference! Fantastic job!

  6. I have been looking for a nice blue to match Kilim Beige, I love this one you picked out! What is the name of it?


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