It's almost the weekend and I find myself wondering where on earth this week went. June is flying by faster than I can talk about- I really just have no idea where the months have gone this year!
Here's my rather quick attempt to catch up on life. Not assuming that you, my friends, necesarily need a play-by-play, but someday when I look back at this little journal I'll remember I didn't fall off of the face of the earth that summer of '13.

Kyle had the past two weekends off. It's been GLORIOUS! Last weekend was just about us, and much needed. We did a date night, slept in, got a ton of little projects finished around our home, had a big family cookout at my moms, had some friends over for a bonfire, got to go to church together (followed by brunch at our favorite sushi joint) and watched movies. I'm still gleaming because it was just so fun to hang out with my hubby. Even if it involved having my feet and ankles eaten alive at the bonfire.

In between photo shoots, cookouts and everyday life, we've been making some fun (and BIG) decisions concerning our exterior.
Our dates are set for the landscaping to come, and guess what is getting painted NEXT WEEK?!
Lots to share with you! Let's just say at this point, all of the sample colors have made the back of our home closely resemble half of the homes on the west side of Ann Arbor - the word psychedelic comes to mind. I'm looking forward to showing you all of the details - I'm so excited I can't stand it! There has been a lot of dancing on my tiptoes and clapping. Lots of clapping.

Because my father and brother are professional painters, and they are painting our exterior...guess who I get to see next week?! My niece. I'm so excited. We already chatted all about playing in the sprinkler, reading books and painting nails together.

On another note, our close friends have been back in Charlottesville for the week planning their wedding (I can't wait for our reunion in Oct!). We received multiple texts of our favorite restaurants and people...including a special note on the downtown chalkboard :) I'm not sure why but lately I've been incredibly sentimental about that town.

I've been waking up earlier in the morning to get in a workout before work. I wish I would have started this so long ago! It helps being in the summer, it's so light out early on- making it ten times easier to get out of bed. The best part? Feeling so accomplished and awake is the best way to begin the day. (and I love leaving work and having the entire evening to play!)

We have to put in for Kyle's vacation time for the next year. How is one suppose to plan an entire 12 months in advance? I took the opportunity to research a good location for our next trip. I'm rooting for South America or (if we get REALLY lucky and  he gets two weeks back to back), going back to South Africa or Uganda will be a given. I've also been sentimental about those two countries lately too. This  seems to be a pattern each time Kyle is on an intense rotation and I have too much time with just Maizy and I. Next thing you know, hubby comes home and I hand him our itinerary!

Err...what else? Home, reminiscing, vacation dreaming... pretty much sums it up.
I love these semi-calm moments in life. They don't happen very often, so I'm soaking in these last few days before the next round of renovations hit.


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