Lord have mercy, is landscaping a lot of work. I'm popping up for a quick second to say hello and admit that I will be behind in updating you. 'Tis the life.
I have many fun things to catch you up on, but my fingers are a bit swollen and sore from yesterday evenings planting adventures. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen some of the progress. Either way, stay tuned.
I can honestly say that I'm in love with our home now, it FINALLY feels like ours! Funny how a few trees can liven the place up, eh?!

In an effort to save my hand strength for some mulching this evening, I'm catching up on some the my latest photography shoots (which was my excuse for delaying the exterior update yesterday too!) I can't get enough of his little 6 week old- his expressions are ridiculously cute!
Meet Peter Andrew:

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  1. The honest diapers absorb quite well so it's not a big mess when you change them. I'm not going to say its 100% dry but it's close enough and that makes my life a lot easier. The more dry the diaper, the less wiping and irritating I have to do on his little skin! This baby seems to have a tougher skin than our daughter did, too.


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