Woot Woot! It's Friday. You know how I love my Fridays :)

For us, that means that Kyle and I are escaping to spend a weekend with just each other. Our house has been full for the past two weeks, combined with two busy work schedules, scheduling house work and contractors, and trying to keep things straight- it's easy to miss one another in the chaos. This weekend is our time to take a deep break of relief and gratitude together, and I.SO.EXCITED! EEE!
We've also deemed this the official "last hoorah" before 2nd year begins. Hold onto your horses people, it's gonna get wild in the next twelve months.

Anyway, I've found myself completely distracted today and thus the number of articles I've been reading has been greatly increasing this morning. I thought it would only be fair to distract you, my sweet reader, just as much :) Don't worry, you'll only be distracted for five minutes. In unusual fashion, I only choose two:

Photos of Children From Around the World
I can't stop scrolling through these images, they evokes such emotion, concern and curiosity. Fair warning: A tissue may be necessary.

Ann Arbor Floods Summarized in 10 Short Videos:
Our little town had some major rain yesterday, and although I watched it pile up on our back patio and checked the basement several times just in case, I must say I'm thankful I was still able to safely drive home. I am bummed, however, that I missed the tubing adventures. Next time, next time...

Sweet Weekending friends!

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