If you've stopped by through Medical Mondays, welcome! I'm glad you're here. Ironically, I was  going to post a picture of a recent maternity session I had done, but it happened to tie in oh so nicely to this monthly link party that I figured I'd use it as an opportunity to talk medicine for a moment. What time is ever better than Medical Mondays?!

The adorable couple I photographed I had met last year at one of the doctor's welcome parties. They had recently bought a home, gotten married and moved to Ann Arbor. Sound familiar? I have a feeling that may be some of you too!
This was the same time that we had met a lot of the other woman whom I now call friends. This picture was taken almost a year ago, and we BARELY knew each other. At all.

But, we made an effort. We were all in the "we don't know anyone, but we're here to stay" boat.
It was a scary and confusing boat. One with a lot of unknowns. Sometimes it still feels like we are sitting in that same boat, just trying to find our way to solid ground.
The best advice I could give some of you who are packing up your bags and moving to another state is this: be open. Sometimes it can be REALLY difficult to step out of your comfort zone, but I promise there are so many others in your same life situation.  I've shared a bit about how important it has been for me to have this "support group" - it makes me sad to think that many SO's don't have that. There should be some resources that the hospitals provide for spouses or significant others- use them. If not, create them. Try hard to put yourself out there, host a get together with strangers - I promise they'll soon become your close friends.

That's what happened with this sweet couple! I'm honored to call them friends :)
Out of this little group of friends, three babies are due in the upcoming months! I'm honored to have been able to document the first this year: Mandy & Ian (and Vernor & Duncan!)


  1. I can't think of a better post for Medical Monday's. What an amazing year it has been! Thanks for linking up:-)

  2. Hi Meredith! This is my first link up with Medical Mondays and a I wrote a similar post about keeping the right attitude for all the moves that you may encounter as a med student or spouse of a med student. Great advice for starting/joining an SO group. It's something that I plan to push myself to do when we move again one day.

    - Holly @ A Year in Wichita


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