I realize that I switch gears a lot on this blog. It's a accurate reflection of what goes on in my mind on a daily by minute basis. Sorry if that throws anyone off. I appreciate you hanging with me :)

That explains why I just switched gears from residency-moving-talk to workout clothes. This is a normal transition in my brain. Really.
So now that that we are officially entering summer, it means that working out outside can be difficult. Early mornings and late nights can be a solution in order to still enjoy the workout rather than die from heat exhaustion and dehydration. But clothes have a big part of that too. No one wants to clunk around in a thick cotton T-shirt in 90 degree weather. I've done it, it's miserable.

Having worked out in just about any weather (oh my gosh I don't miss those southern summers or crazy northern winters!), I've by default tested out some gear. Some brands don't fit right around the thighs so you have limited movement, some waists run large and fall down, some tops are too right around the er. girls, some are too loose and give no support, some things are clingy and other's too flowy..and so the story goes. I've been able to narrow down what I'm most comfortable in, as well as what brands fit the needs of someone who hates swimming in her own sweat. Add to that the different seasons and you throw in another curve ball of finding the most comfortable and effective clothing.

In the summer months, I lean towards items that are:
1) breathable
2) looser around abdomen and legs
3) light fabrics (I've never tried the spandex shorts, but I do hear they are comfy)
4) wick fabric (usually polyester blends)

Here are some of my favorite brands and items:

Some tips on finding the best workout clothes for warm-weather (certified by trial and error :) :

- Look for key words in item descriptions such as "breathable," "mesh," "wicks," "super-thin," "chafe-free," "sunblock technology," "sweat absorbing," or "dry-fit."

- Don't assume that tank tops are made for warm weather. (Although that should be the assumption) Many are quite thick and not conducive to exercising in heat.

- Read reviews of products. I enjoy online shopping, but I never purchase anything without reading reviews. Mostly because the material matters so much when choosing workout gear, it's impossible to 'feel' the product via the internet. For example, many "wick" fabrics can have a rough, scratchy feeling.

- Stay away from cotton (as comfy as it can be, it quickly becomes uncomfortable when it's full of sweat and weighing you down)

- Choose clothes that allow you to move freely

- Look for tops or shorts that have hidden pockets or slots for an ID card and/or cell phone. Exercising in the heat can be dangerous, but running or biking with while carrying things can be annoying. Brands have become brilliant about building in pockets that don't get in your way.

Now, go have fun shopping!
For some reason, getting new workout clothes always makes me want to work out more- it's a good (and expensive!) mind trick :)


  1. Are you still on hiatus from running? Love Lululemon - wish it was a little cheaper!

  2. Hey! I have only been running once a week, about 5 miles (if that) each time. Starting to really miss it, so thinking about starting back up in the next few weeks. I have to admit I have felt better taking a break though!
    Lulu is expensive, definitely not an everyday purchase.

  3. This makes me want to go shopping! I love buying new workout clothes - let's face it, I love buying all clothes!

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