I left off yesterday with a sneak peak of the exterior painting on our home. Well, considering it was just a HUGE project, I'm going to draw this post out so you can get the full picture. If you are SUPER curious of the final result, just scroll down to the bottom then scroll back up to get the details. If you're like me, you've already done this and now you're reading this paragraph. I get it, I like the end of movies first too :) By the way, I use "Final" loosely, we still have a few ends to tie up before we can mark this project completely accomplished, but more on that tomorrow.

So, let's get to the good stuff.

As for the color:
We chose "Slate Tile" for the body, "Kilim Beige" for the trim color, and "Hopsack" as the accent color (all Sherwin-Williams colors),

If you read the post yesterday, you may be thinking that Kyle won on the color decision. Well, sort of. I wanted a blue color too, but the sample color of "Slate Tile" felt too blue and I was excepting more slate/grey tones. After a few days and in all different times of day, I started to fall in love with this color too (this was partially an issue of using a cheap sample paint) We pulled the trigger and decided to go for it three days before it was due to be painted! Of course, I heard an "I told you so!" I remise.

That poop brown is now a distance memory...I'm trying hard to miss it.

Once we replaced some boards, it was time to spruce this puppy up. Here are a few shots I grabbed throughout the week:

When we were house hunting (you can read all about those adventures here, here and here), we both were immediately drawn to darker blue, slate colored homes. We're pretty predictable with loving that color (it's why we chose the fireplace stacked stone that had slate blue in it:)! Our bedroom is also a calming, darker blue. What can I say.

Remember when I said it felt too blue? This is the time of day when I thought that  (just as in the picture below) - a half hour increment when the sun was just over the trees ready to sink down. This picture makes it look SUPER blue, in real life it looks warmer and reflects more of the paint colors name. (OHMYGOSH do I love the back of our home now!)

And I promise, we don't typically have our furniture scattered throughout our lawn like hooligans.

Tomorrow I'll get into the nitty gritty details behind our trim details, painting the front peak, what we did with the brick on the front porch, why we painted the foundation, what we're doing with the garage doors, what we did right, what we did wrong, etc etc...

But until then, here's our humble adobe:

Crazy to think to that we went from this:

To this:

I will admit, it still doesn't look finished to me. The back = AMAZING. The front = errrr. There is something clearly missing from the front = PLANTS! TREES! LIVELIHOOD! Thankfully, those are coming bright and early in the morning. We're giving life to this lil' drawing!

Hopefully I'll take a stretching break during landscaping tomorrow to write about all of the details and decisions that went into our exterior painting project. SO much excitement around here lately ;)

A HUGE THANK YOU to my brother and dad who pushed back other clients and projects and spent all of last week making our home beautiful! Seriously, sometimes it feels like we would be lost puppies without them (or at least things would get done in hummm...a year or two!)


  1. Wow, what a difference! And what a huge project. So exciting to have it done, I'm sure.

  2. Wow - looks really great! Amazing what a change of color can do :)

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