I disappeared from blogging land last week, but for very good reason. A crazy work schedule coincided with our home getting a huge face lift, which also included making memories with some of my favorite people and hitting up some of the best Ann Arbor eateries.

In order to get the full picture, allow me to backtrack a bit. Over memorial weekend, we ventured (yet again) to the paint store to pick up samples. We had a good idea of what we wanted, but finding the 'right' color that we both had envisioned proved to be a bit more difficult than expected. We had to consider the roof color, making sure that the home color would be the right 'tone' and coordinate well with our roof shingles. Furthermore, there's personal taste and the color of other homes around us (we didn't want to be the exact same color as a neighbor, nor paint our home lime green and stick our like a sore thumb, in a bad way!).

Two weeks ago , I mentioned that our home looked like a hippie home. Here's why:
(Sorry, in advance, for the dark pictures. These were all taken at 9:30 pm!)

Our 9 samples were plastered across the side of our garage/back of house. Four trim colors and five body options. I leaned towards the green color called "Retreat" on the far, upper left hand side. Kyle loved the farthest, upper right side named "Slate Tile."

These sat for three weeks as we contemplated the color we had envisioned. Three weeks wasn't planned, but our state has been pounded by so much rain that we had to keep pushing back the date (thankfully, last week was the IDEAL weather for painting!!). Each day, we'd walk out back and see what certain colors looked like at different times of the day and at all angles...then repeat. We made a fun game of having anyone who came over give their opinion, so we received everything from "that's too blue," to "why would you want green, you're surrounded by green plants?!"

Choosing an exterior color is more pressure than I thought it would be. Blue's can go purple quickly, greens can look grey, and beige can render pink casts, so on and so forth. WHATIFOURHOUSEISPUPRLEANDPINK?!!

Just a note about samples: They give you the cheapest paint they have, so the color may not be 100% representative of the color it will be when you use higher quality paint. It may warrant or shift towards a certain shade, and the coverage may not be adequate with two coats.

But, before we started the painting, there was some prep work to be done. See those boards down there:

We had a handful of cedar planks that needed to be replaced. (And I only mention this second part due to the fact that my mother will laugh and show my step dad...) My step dad took Kyle's truck to the lumber store to get the wood. On the way home, he got lost for over an hour AND the wood flipped out of the back of the truck in downtown A2...only to arrive back to our home and realize THEY GAVE HIM THE WRONG ONES! Two hours later, we finally had the right planks sitting in our driveway. Thanks, Pat :(!

They say things get worse before they get better....

I came home from work to find plenty of old planks scattered throughout the lawn, all of our windows taped down and our trim almost finished.
We also got a glimpse of the color!! Here's a sneak peak until tomorrow..

I'll be back to share the "big reveal" of what used to be, as we fondly referred to it, the neighborhood's ugly duckling.


  1. Looks like it'll be a great color! Home repairs are so involved - it makes me nervous about owning a home!

  2. So nice to see these tips - our house is mostly brick, but I've been dying to paint the parts that have siding along with the trim and garage door. The current color combo is a little 70s and kind of kills me - but so does the pressure of picking out a color! Can't wait to see the reveal of yours, I'm sure it will be fabulous.


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