We're SO excited about this, it's a tad bit ridiculous. Finally, our home doesn't have to look so bare and unfinished.
Below is our landscaping plan!!
(item #566000 of why I'm officially a grown up)

This design is so pretty I want to frame it. I just may.

Kyle's gracious uncle is a landscape architect, so he and his company drew us up a 4-phase landscaping design for our entire property. We feel spoiled. Very spoiled.

Here's a little peek of the plants included:

I've talked about our future in landscaping adventures already. As a reference point, this is what the house looked like when we moved in. You may be seeing this picture a lot, since it's one of the only "befores" that I have that doesn't include trash bins, work vehicles and project stations scattered throughout.

And here's the back:
(That random pole is the dog run that the previous owners installed. I thought we could use it once in a while for Maizy, but she wants nothing to do with the torture of being tied up and not being able to chase the squirrels. We're removing it this weekend.)

It's pretty BLAH, right? I think so.
Mostly due to the lack of trees and plants, as well as the brown color. I must admit that the brown doesn't bother me nearly as much since the grass as turned green and the few bigger trees in the yard have bloomed.

Each evening seems like a new project outside, which is wonderful since the weather has been perfect for digging up weeds, moving bricks and mowing the lawn. It's also been a great way to keep talking about how we are going to approach The "VK Landscape Plan 2.0."

Here's a bit of our thought process as we decide how to move forward, what to do now vs. later, and where we want our resources to go.

1) We want the front finished first. The front is bare as a baby's bottom and frankly, just homely. It's time to spruce that baby up.

2) Our return on investment; we are 99.9% sure that this is not our forever home. So we really have to weigh the cost of landscaping vs. the return. We don't want to invest an outrageous amount of money into something that we can only enjoy for a very limited time.

3) The maturity of the plants. Since we do need to base a lot of decisions on long-term plans, we want trees and plants that we can enjoy this year or next year, not slow-growing that we may never reep the benefits of.

4) DIY vs. Hiring out. Right now, this is the one we continue to go back and forth on. Kyle, being "Dutch," is all about doing it ourselves :) I'm learning towards the more realistic approach. It comes down to lack of time. At some point, we need to be realistic about how we want to spend the limited free time we have. We both really enjoy making our home ours, getting our hands dirty and learning along the way. However, Kyle is about to start the most difficult and time consuming year of residency. We're trying to find that balance between what we can do ourselves and what is best to hire out (aka - I have no interest in attempting to move and plant a 400 lb tree.)
I think it's going to come down to us doing some parts, and hiring out for others. Compromise.

In the mean time, we'll be finishing up our new fire pit, planting our garden and getting rid of the plant bed in the front yard! Lots more to come :)

Have you ever landscaped your yard?! Did you do it all yourself, hire a company to do it all, or some mix in between?!


  1. Looks like a great plan! Can't wait to see the progress. We don't have very much landscaping to deal with at the house (whenever we get it...) but what is there needs to be replaced... the list of things to save up for just keeps growing!

    1. the good thing is that landscaping is an ONGOING progress- so even if you don't get to it this year, just start next year :)

  2. A few years back we re-did most of our front yard. We hired a company to install pavers and a landscaper to put in all the large plants. I had them remove all the dirt up to 2 ft deep and replaced it with "healthy" soil and compost in the planing areas and install a watering system. I planted all the small plants, bulbs, ground cover, annuals, etc. I love it! I'm always switching things us. Have fun!

    1. We are currently debating on the dirt removal- do you think it helped?! We're not sure how much are just "extras" and what is necessary. I think we are learning towards the same idea- to have them do the bigger plants and we can do the small ones.

  3. So jealous! How nice to have a plan, and it's all going to look great! Our landscaping needs some serious help, and while we'll probably do most of it ourselves (we have the Dutch thing going on here too... plus yardwork is basically Peter's only hobby outside of the hospital; he finds it relaxing, so I let him have at it), we just have no clue where to start or what looks good where. Actually thinking of paying for a little consultation with a designer - that seems like it would be worth the small investment in the end!

    1. Anne, my hubs is the SAME way. He loves being outside and doing yard work! A consultation can never hurt, just get some referrals of companies from friends/coworkers so you don't waste money on a poorly done one. From there, you can do a lot of it yourself!

  4. Oh, having relatives with skill sets we need is awesome.... I wish I had some! It is going to be beautiful, can't wait to see it as work begins.

  5. I had no idea how much work could go into landscaping! Looks like you have done a great job thinking this through. Good luck!!

  6. Wow! What a plan! Our previous home had no grass and only a little backyard hedge that we planted.

    From there, we moved into the Treehouse, which has considerably more work in the yard than the Beehive. Although we don't have any grass. Can't say I mind that. What were our priorities?

    !. Make sure the two large Maples were OK to stay - when we learned that they were, we had to clean them up all of their dead wood - a major task and then we had to take off these heavy tarps that had been killing the trees by depriving them of water. We laid down a thin layer of mulch - the tress can now receive water.

    From there, I constantly have the yard blown out for debris, leaves, etc. Most of it is planted, but there were some empty spots that needed to be filled in - so I just had my gardener come over and plant the past two days. The plants are small, but will grow over the years. Then, of course, more yard clean up. Finally, we laid down fresh mulch. Oh, it looks so fresh!

    Given time constraints, we hire a gardener to clean up the yards and plant, etc. Yards are a lot of work!! Good luck with your wonderful plan!

    Ray Doc Wife


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